Kicked Up Chicken Casserole

  • knoxcop 11 years ago
    Back to report in on this one:

    I made this last night for dinner--what a hit! Good old fashioned comfort food at it's best. I did make an alteration or two, but not enough to truly modify the recipe. We all know of a recipe site where a recipe is posted, then 50 people come in to murder the recipe and rate it down. I don't believe in that! LOL

    I used pimento because I didn't have red peppers. Also left out the mushrooms because my guys won't eat 'em.

    The celery and onion here add texture and flavor, the garlic adds it's punch--and the addition of Swiss and cream cheeses brings it home. ALSO: This recipe as written makes a Franklin TON of casserole--perfect for an 11x15 dish taken to a potluck or gathering. I halved the recipe and still had enough for a med-large size Pyrex round.

    I found that adding enough half&half to make it kind of soupy before baking worked best for me. I topped mine with buttered cornflake crumbs because didn't have the stuffing.

    HIGH 5 on this one--variable enough to use your own goodies to add in. I do suggest you use the celery and onions as written, really gives it goodness.

    Thanks for another keeper, SPAROW---now get to work on that cookbook, girly! :-)

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