Pizza Hut Style Pizza Dough Bread Machine

  • pointsevenout 6 years ago
    Recipe by Coffeebean53: Pizza Hut Style Pizza Dough Bread Machine
    I've made this twice. First time it had a nice soft crust but was too blonde. I was going to extend the baking time a little on next make. But this time I increased oven temp to 425 degrees F and baked it on the bottom rack like most pizza recipes recommend.
    It turned out a little too crusty.
    Next time the crust will go back up to the middle rack but maintain the 425 degrees F.
    I bake for 10 minutes, apply toppings, and bake for the remaining 10 minutes.
    This iteration yielded a light brown crust around the perimeter but baked too long on the bottom to yield a too crunchy crust.
  • frankieanne 6 years ago said:
    Wow, that's a fabulous looking pizza!

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