Tiramisu by Dora

  • gourmetana 8 years ago

    Very nice and authentic recipe of tiramisu.
    I did add 1/4 cup baileys to my coffee mix :)

    500 grams mascarpone is the same as 2 cups.

    It tastes better left in the fridge overnight.

    Great recipe!
  • frankieanne 8 years ago said:
    Something else I've never made. Isn't espresso just really strong coffee? Or do you need to buy something in particular for that ingredient?
  • gourmetana 8 years ago said:
    I think you can buy expresso powder and dilute it in water. That should do it...
    Any european will probably tell you that they have an expresso machine at home. I do! :) Couldn't live without it. Expresso is strong coffee but not necessarily stronger than regular coffee. Check this website out, it explains quite well the case :)
  • frankieanne 8 years ago said:
    Well, that's interesting stuff! I had no idea. I also didn't know there was espresso powder either! Thank you for the information, you clever little Ana. :)

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