Blood Oranges

  • deliathecrone 13 years ago
    I have what might be a silly question: what do blood oranges taste like? Are they really sweet, or tangy sweet, or what? Could you make a gelato with blood orange? The color would be gorgeous!
  • trigger 13 years ago said:
    Blood Oranges are a little sweeter than a navel orange when fully ripe.

  • deliathecrone 13 years ago said:
    Thank you, Michael. I think I'll try a gelato or even a marmalade.
  • jjonz 11 years ago said:
    Unfortunately I just threw away the carton, but there is a commercial manufacturer that makes a blood orange Gelato. It's fantastic. Interesting that you find them sweeter, I find them less sweet, slightly bitter and absolutely fabulous. The gelato is fantastic. Delia, I don't know if you have Whole Foods markets where you live, but I know they carry the Gelato of which I speak. But since this post is from two years ago you've probably experimented by now. Hope it was a delicious success!

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