Time for Tea Tuesday!

  • chuckieb 4 years ago
    Good Morning Everyone! It's one p.m. here in Cambridge and I've just finished lunch. Walked over to the Railway station this morning and bought Jim's and my train tickets to London and back for the weekend. Stopped in to a little shop called "The Ark" on my way back. It's my favourite store in Cambridge. They say "We stock gifts for interesting people" and they have THE coolest, most unique stuff I've seen under one little roof. I bought myself an eyeball brooch. It sounds weird and it is a bit but it's also very cool. LOL! Bopped in to Marks and Spencer and got a few little appy's to have on hand. including some Crispy Red Pepper & Feta Filo rolls (topped with Sumac...had to get them after the Sumac talk last week) and a Kebab & Samosa Selection with a tamarind & Date Chutney. It includes Chicken shami kebabs with red lentils, lamb sheek kebabs and chicken tikka masala samosas. Jim will be all over that!
    Laura, I saw a few types of Scotch eggs at M&S and thought of you.
    I also saw a package of Ox Tongue slices in along with all the sliced deli meats. NEVER saw that in any store in Canada before. It doesn't look very appetizing either. The Outdoor Market is running full steam and overflowing with bouquets of daffodils and potted hyacinth plants.
    Shall post a picture I took yesterday of the flowers outside St. Andrew's Church Chesterton. Not sure what they are but they sure look pretty.
    Wishing everyone a super great day.
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    It really looks like Spring has landed there, Janet:) I am not sure if the ones in the inset pic are lavender or one I have? It looks like that and for the life of me I can't remember what they are called, but they grow from a tiny bulb. I love your avatar my favourate flower is a daffodil. I can't wait for mine to come up but that won't be anytime soon:( The Ark sounds like an awesome place. LOL @ you only being a few feet away from the stores yesterday:) You sound very chipper today:) You will see "Ox Tongue" or as we call it "Jellied Tongue" here Janet. I don't care for it the "Deli" way, but I have cooked tongue and it is delicious! LOL It isn't the nicest thing to look at or cook, or clean, but I bet if it was served to you. You would like it. It tastes like a really good tasting rich roast beef or like a super good pot roast. I haven't seen tongue for sale in a long time. I keep forgetting to ask the butcher if he has one. LOL then I would have to hide it somehow from Den:) If he ever saw it being cooked he would literally GAG GREEN:) I envy all the outdoor Market full of flowers! Have fun checking thing out today:)

    We are having pork spare ribs tonight with rice and hold your nose and cover your mouth, Janet:) Brussels sprouts:) Back to working in DMLIMI and taking a bit of a break to help clear my head and eyes:)

    Hoping everyone has a great day!
  • Cosmicmother 4 years ago said:
    What a beautiful pic Janet!! I think those are Bluebells, or it could be hyacinth, but it looks like bluebells from here :) Wow, love all the food you got, I love tikka masala, and my husband loves samosa's too! That Ark store sounds neat!....Yeah, I wouldn't want to eat tongue either. My Mom would sometimes buy it, and I'd find in the freezer, ewwww, Must be from growing up with a British Mom!
    Hi Joce! I'm not a brussel sprout fan either, lol. Don't work too long on the computer! My eye doctor told me for every 30 minutes on the computer, look away at a point 30ft ahead for 30 seconds.(30,30,30 rule) Helps to not strain your eyes!
    I haven't decided if it's pork chops or chicken for dinner. I bought a chicken to roast, you gave me the idea Joce! ;)
    Have a great day everyone! :)
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    Thanks Shona:) I will have to make a habit of doing that. My eye doctor made me a special pair of glasses just for the computer as well and they help too . LOL I don't think I would like to see that in a freezer either! Den doesn't like brussel sprouts but he will endure a couple of mouthfuls of them:) I do that quite a bit to him but somethings he is actually starting to like. I usually do a garlic lemon sauce for some veggies or a hollandaise sauce and that entices him to eat more veggies. I did that with my son when he was young and now he likes pretty well everything except peas but he will eat them. LOL I guess he never said he did not really care for peas to his wife for years! Until we were out at his house for dinner and I said you eat peas now:) LOL now she knows:)
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Haha, on the "now you eat peas". Joce, that is funny. I'd eat shoe leather with hollandaise. I saw a recipe last night that would make you happy....flash fried brussel sprouts, crispy and topped with an overeasy egg to let the yolk make the sauce. Think brussel sprout hash ala over easy or poached egg. Now, I have Janet and Shona gagging. Never tried tongue, but saw it being prepped on tv and it was scary! enjoy those ribs.

    Janet, love the picture...just how I see the UK in my mind. What a neat store and I love the early am travelogue with your adventures. A very fun way to start my day....dreaming of your vacation. Love all the goodies you purchased. Fred woutdn't touch any of it,but pity on him. I had pita toast for breakfast....toasted, lightly buttered and sprinkled with sumac, scrambled eggs with a bit of cream cheese and lots of fresh dill.

    Shona, ugh on finding a tongue in the freezer....don't think I would enjoy that sight. I like your caution about being on the computer and looking away to keep eye strain. Since I'm tethered to a computer and telephone with an umbilical cord 10 1/2 hours a day....I'd love a 30 second break between calls. Doesn't happen. Work was hysterical with the lost cards from inebriated St. Patty's day celebrants. Not as bad as last year, but enough to keep the night moving along. One fellow lost his wallet including checks and he was very much tipsy and then while talking to him, he said he was driving!!!! I was fuming inside, no way he was capable of driving when he could barely speak. All I can do is hope he made it safely home without hurting someone else. Roast chicken is a favorite here. I stuff the cavity with garlic, lemon slices, salt and pepper. Hmmm, so good.

    I have yarn on the hook and am watching a You Tube video to see if I can make a shell cap. I made a shell cap for Tyler and matching jacket and it was so long ago, I need a refresher course.

    Fred's birthday is Thursday. 68 years old. I'm getting old. Just think of all he has been through in the last five years....it is a blessing to have him here, even if most of the time he makes me want to pull out all of my hair.

    Supper will be chicken something.....I have some breasts defrosting. There isn't a whole lot in the frig to scrabble together into a meal, but it will be a make it do night. Hmm, some bacon, some onions, garlic, some canned tomatoes and it will be a fricasse. Top it with lemon zest, parsley and it will work. I'll shop tomorrow.

    Make it a grand day m'friends! Toodles.
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Hi Joce! I've discovered the blue flowers in the church picture are Scillas. I sent the pic to a gardening friend who's from England and she told me in a flash. :) They've gone wild which is so awesome! I did see lavender yesterday as well although it wasn't blooming. I too am a fan of daffodils. Ai yi yi on the tongue and the brussel sprouts. LOLOL. :) The pork ribs sound heavenly.
    YAY!!!! I have a kindred spirit brussel sprout hater in Shona! :) It's about time I had someone else on my side! :) That's a good tip about averting your eyes from the computer. I spoke to my son Benjamin this morning and he has been to the Dr. and told he had an infected eyelid because he hasn't been getting enough sleep? Never heard of that before but I nagged him for years about going to bed at a decent hour. Again, nice to have the Dr. back me up. LOLOL.
    Oh Wow Tina! Your breakfast sounded wonderful. I'm going to have to get myself some sumac. Oh my goodness at the drunken calls last night. What's a shell cap? Very fun that Fred turns 68 on Thursday. And indeed, he has climbed mountains. I think you're off today right? Enjoy every minute.
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Hi all:)

    Janet, such a beautiful pic..wish I were there:)

    I'm off to the house where Rick is working..I'll take a photo or 2 of the new installed door to e-mail along with the invoice to our customer in S. San Francisco later today. I thought she would like to see the finished product..and that the door was actually installed..lol

    Dinner will be grilled burgers ( beef for Rick, turkey for me)

    I need to run, just wanted to say "HI"!
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    Shona, Where was your Mom from in Britain?

    Tina, I would have a hard time talking to a drunk driving a car! I hope he and everyone else survived around him too is right! Yes Fred has climbed mountains and BRAVO TO HIMI! Have a good shift and hopefully it will be better than last night:)

    Janet, Yes Scillas is the name of them and they vary in colours from a light purple to a very almost dark/plurple/blue. At first i thought they were mini Hyacinths as i have some of those little guys too! Is this the brooch? http://www.arkcambridge.co.uk/index.php?_a=product&product_id=237 I think it is really cool and they have a neat store:) LOL Curiosity Killed The Cat:) The Ark seems to have stores all over the Uk and Europe.
    LOL Kindred Spirit Brussels Sprouts Hater:) I have never heard of anyone getting an eye infection b/c of not sleeping enough before? Who knew? I hope he got some medication for it?

    Marie, Have fun being the Official Company Photographer today:)
  • mommyluvs2cook 4 years ago said:
    Good afternoon!! Vaccuumed, cleaned the wood floors and just got home from a huge Sam's trip!!
    So glad to hear your having fun Janet, I'm SOOO jealous! The Ark sounds too cool, and lol at the eyeball pin! Those rolls with sumac sound so good, haven't tried my sumac yet, so let us know what you think!
    O believe you when you say Ox tongue is good Joce, but I don't think I could bring myself to eat it lol! I'm liking the sound of your brussel sprouts :)
    I vote on the roasted chicken Shona!
    Omg, Tina don't say egg around me :) It's my second favorite food in the world, (bacon wins). Happy birthday to Fred! I want your breakfast :)
    I have no idea yet what is for dinner, I pulled a specialty sausage (roasted chipotle and cherries) out for Michael, (boo hoo, too high in fat for me) but I need to figure out what else to make. Something with purple cabbage, I have a ton! Take care today everyone!
  • laurieg 4 years ago said:
    Count me in on the Brussels sprouts hating club! Ugh. The only thing worse than Brussels sprouts is Beets! Eeewwwwww!
    Tonight's dinner is burgers and fries! Bee wanting them for awhile now if I could only have the sun and grill weather. :)
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Took a loooong nap. The cool room and comfy bed sang its siren song. It was so nice just to climb in and snooze. Fred wants to go out instead of having chicken something and now he is sleeping. We are a pair all right. Now, I've never heard of an eye infection for lack of sleep either....poor Benjamin.

    Scotty showed his true colors with nasty passive-aggressive behavior towards Olivia. She was furious this morning. I hope she finally opens her eyes to his controlling behavior. Why oh why do young women believe they have to put up with someone who is cruel, just to have a boyfriend? Ay yi yi. I'm trying to keep my mouth shut, but it is so hard.
  • Cosmicmother 4 years ago said:
    We're the same Laurie! I don't like beets either! I've tried roasted, raw, pickled, boiled and dislike them all! :)
    Michelle, bacon lover here too, and even Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon doesn't get me to eat them! I have no idea what to do with the purple cabbage other than a salad of some sort?
    Joce, my Mom's family is scattered all over Cornwall and Devon. I meant to say my mom grew up with Her British mom! (My Grandma was from a small village in Cornwall) And my great parents lived with them too, so she grew up eating and talking like them! I have to ask my Mom the name of the Village, I can't remember what it's called now, I think it started with an L.....
    Yikes Tina, I hope that guy made it home too! At least it was an entertaining evening overall. I do that with the chicken too, I do half an onion, lemon, garlic and sprigs of rosemary and thyme! :) So sorry about the boyfriend trouble! Sounds like my first boyfriend, sometimes they just have to learn on their own...:(
    I made the kids blueberry muffins, and some oatmeal cookies today in between phone calls to schools and doctors! My daughter has been on a wait list to go to a rehabilitation hospital in Edmonton for over a year now. When I phoned, they said it would take another 6 months! It's great we get free health care, but the wait times are crazy! It took two yrs for my son to get speech therapy when he was younger. At least he gets to go into physio therapy tomorrow, we've waited a year for that too! Then we have teacher parent conferences the next couple days, then Spring Break, yay!!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Yum on burgers Marie and that's so nice that Rick is so busy lately! The San Fran customer would be pleased with a picture update I'm sure.
    Joce, you are a fantastic detective, and yes...that is my eyeball brooch. I just love it. And yes, the Dr. gave Benjamin antibiotics for two weeks with instructions to go have it looked at again in one week.
    I'm a big egg fan myself Michelle. Michael's dinner sounds good. :)
    And now Laurie, between you and Marie you guys have me craving a burger! I didn't know you hated brussel sprouts as well! Now we're up to three. We'll be able to overthrow them shortly! :) LOLOLOL!
    Sorry to hear Scotty ticked off Liv again Tina. She does deserve better.
    Wow Shona. You've got your hands filled again! You're a busy lady for sure. Hope the physio goes well tomorrow for your son.
    Jim and I just got back from dinner. Went to Waterman's
    They advertised that every Tuesday night they do a Chinese menu with homemade dumplings. Jim and I shared an appetizer plate with deep fried duck pancake rolls (very good), springrolls,and deep fried shrimp (bleck) and then we ordered a plate (20) of dumplings which were very good, small and juicy and plump. Pork and coriander.
    Had enough restaurant food now though so shall try think of something to cook tomorrow night. This apartment isn't as well equipped as our last one. Eg. no baking sheet. I'm sure I can make do but I have to take stock before I decide what it is I want to make.
    Almost time to hit the hay. Hope everyone had a good day. It's supposed to be sunny and warm here tomorrow so I'll go out and about and enjoy it. See you in the morning.
    Sleep sweet Kimmer!

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