Super Bowl

  • coffeebean53 16 years ago
    Okay who's making what for the Super Bowl.
  • pleclare 16 years ago said:
    Always do natchos,don't know what else yet
  • linebb956 16 years ago said:
    Depends on who is playing... I ... don't yell... don't do football. I usually shop or go to movie or get a dvd. Amazing on how easy it is to shop on that day! If Dallas is playing, I will have to go alone.. if not.. will have company. Texans pout! Or at least the men do!
  • coffeebean53 16 years ago said:
    So far I'm planning on:

    Several different types of wings with Celery Sticks & Blue Cheese Dressing
    Lil Smokies in the Crockpot
    Regular Popcorn
    Smokin Hot Popcorn
  • zena824 16 years ago said:
    Bean.....I want to come to your party!.....sounds delicious......
  • notyourmomma 16 years ago said:
    For kick-off nibbles, hot soft pretzels with a homemade mustard dip. Homemade pimento cheese with celery sticks and cucumber slices. Got to make mini pigs in a blanket for isn't game day for him without some kind of sausage. Dad's breath killer dip and a jalapeno jelly over cream cheese with little pumpernickel bread to hold the yummies. (so that's three cold make ahead, plus two hot apps that will share oven space, easy to do and I'm not stuck in the kitchen)

    I'll probably make a crockpot of chili (made with beef cubes and dark beer/a square of unsweetened chocolate and ancho powder) with all the side fixin's and drop-in's. That is easy. I won't be distracted and people can serve themselves when they want.

    Orange brownies and the pistachio faux eclair dessert have been requested by the resident eaters. Those are easy and do ahead too, so I think I'm off the hook for anything fussy.

    If it is a cold day for Florida I may offer bull shots to drink, otherwise, it is the beer/soda/sweet tea and sangria standard drink offerings. My sis makes a great sangria and she can only make it in big batches so it is a great party offering. When we try to cut it down the proportions are never right, isn't that silly?


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