Thursday, 4th October

  • sitbynellie 11 years ago
    Hello all, just a quick check in... I have been reading the posts of the past few days, with great interest. I would not be opposed using a private 'Checkin Uncut' group - somewhere where more personal things can be talked about - but don't we already have a private group - 'Round Table'? I know its original purpose was quite different, but could we use it for more important and private conversations, without starting up a new group? peeta would still be group leader, in absentia, of both Checkin Central (dedicated of course to putercop's memory), and Round Table. I don't know what is going on in peeta's life but I will rejoice when she is able to check in more often.

    We all have so much going on in our lives it wouldn't hurt to only post once a week or so, (or more frequently of course, if wanted). We'll fall off the front page of course LOL, but that's OK.

    xx love and hugs
  • kimmer 11 years ago said:
    Hello all. Just a quicky here as it looks like a huge storm approaches and I want to shut the computers down.

    Susan, I remember the Round Table but I strongly suggest we just start fresh. There were quite a few members of that group. Some we may know to be ok but some we may not even know. If we are going to possibly post more personal things than maybe it would be a good idea to control who was let into the group. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that any of the old members of the Round Table are bad or anything. Don't even know the member list. Just think it best to start fresh. And of course we would automatically send an invite to Peeta! I'm sure she will be back. And I don't feel she will have any problem with this. Probably will be relieved!

    Oh dear, lightening and thunder just clamored right outside the window. Gotta go for now! Will try to pop back later.
  • ravenseyes 11 years ago said:
    I am up with what Kimmer was saying Round Table is not something I want to be a part of - went there once and no it is not private anyone can see round table you cannot respond unless you are a group member just like here in checkin - and I want no part of that group to be totally honest with you - you can leave the group private and make it so persons wanting to join can request membership - I am going to be frank something I am known for by my friends - Peeta has done a marvelous job of running Check in there is NO ONE that will ever take that away from her ever - but there comes a time when we all just have to move on and I would LOVE for her to come and join us and know that it is ok for her to share anything and everything that she wants because the groups is closed - it does not mean that if Peeta wants to come back and has the capability to do Check in that we cannot do both for those that would want but truthfully I do not think that Peeta's situation is going to change anytime in the near future that is without perhaps some spine surgery which I do not think she is up for until she cannot walk anymore - Peeta is all about fighting to the end - just like myself and most of us that is why we are such a great group we all just hold on to that last bet that the prayers of those that love us will pull us through without great loss or cause -
    Anyone of us can create a group - and I think we should toss up some names for the group and then we come up with a final name and one of us and I am willing to do it - there is not a great amount to creating the group and I am ok with it - unless Ana wants to open it.
    Susan this is no reflection on Peeta - it's just I don't want to feel obligated to come here every day when I truly am so tired some days that all I want to do is come home and drop into loving arms and a wet warm doggie tongue giving her love and I think the sooner we do this the better if we can come up with a name I am willing to do this on Saturday- my thoughts on names - Friendship Club?? not sure just so many ways you could go - but lets toss some around and see what we come up with ....
    Today wow what a day - was at work at 730 am and left the house at 630 am - traffic was heavy going to work but nothing like it was coming home I spent an hour and 40 mins driving home in traffic at times going 5-10 miles per hour and I travel 103 miles one way to work - yes I have a heavy foot LOL but I make it there......I have to say though I wish I had a shuttle so I could get there in 15 mins - but the people that I work with are jems they have totally restored my faith in humanity - just real down to earth no lying faces no talking behind your back just good people. I really wish there was a way that this job could become a permanent position, but guess that isn't going to happen.
    Well all so much for my thoughts - Henrie and Kimmer I am so happy for your kids coming home for the holidays - what a precious gift - be well all - hugs and prayers all around!!
  • kimmer 11 years ago said:
    Verna.....your words hit spot on! So glad you agree on the Round Table group. So sorry you have such traffic issues getting home. I am so lucky that way. I can just see you........pedal to the!
    How about a group called.....What's Up! That way there is no need to check in every day, just when you got something going on!

    Storm has passed and good golly it was something! Power glitched a couple of times but not so it all went down. Still glad I turned the computers off! Hope all share their thoughts on a new group.

    Hubby is gone for the night at rehearsal so off to the shower for me. Need a little ME time since there was no baseball tonight. Need to do my toes and just want to pamper myself. Got some delightful new lotions and can't wait to slather all over. Sorry, probably too much information, lol! Anyway, hope all have a good night.

    And of course.............Sleep always.................
  • henrie 11 years ago said:
    Just wanted to pop in real quick to tell everyone good night.......had a long day today, my eyes have been bothering me lately, finally called my optomologist yesterday and they got me in today. When he looked in my eyes with that bright light he said I had some inflammation and swelling due to allergies. Gave me some sample drops from the office and a script for drops along with a script for new glasses. The drops seem to help a lot, he said in 3 or 4 days I should feel better............My eyes have been sooooo sore I just wanted to keep them closed.

    Len is doing well with his diet, today he weighed and he's lost a total of 16 lbs so far. He's had some pains in his side, went to the doctor about that yesterday, they did a cat scan and found out he has appendagitis, should get over that in a couple weeks from what his doctor told me.

    I have a three day weekend, Bobby doesn't have to go to the workshop tomorrow, so no clock wake ups again until Monday :-)

    Kimmer, glad my email caused some pondering, that's a good sign, I'm happy about that.

    Let me know what ya'll decide to do about the group, I'm easy to please.

    Hope everyone gets a good nights rest, hugs and prayers to all..................

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