Thursday, Sept 27th

  • gourmetana 11 years ago
    Hello everyone!

    I had a horrible night... felt very sick on my stomach and also I have been having nightmares. I wish I could have a good night sleep...

    There's apple cinnamon muffins, coffee and tea.

    Verna, hope you have a calm day at work.

    Henrie, how are you?

    Susan, thank you for your email :)

    I'll come by later. Will enjoy my free afternoon....

  • sitbynellie 11 years ago said:
    Oh dear Ana, I'm sorry you're not feeling good. I wonder what could have caused that? Take it easy dear. Maybe some peppermint tea, or some ginger tea, would help your tummy?

    Verna, glad you got through the first day at work OK - I hope you got a good night's sleep and are fresh for today's demands!

    Thinking of you all, peeta, kimmer, henrie, jett, mandy... hope to see you and get your news! See you later

    xx Susan
  • jett2whit 11 years ago said:
    Greetings to all!
    Just have time to pop in for a minute ... things are going pretty good, Got new shoes and LOVE them (Skechers Shape Ups) and I am off tomorrow ... taking a personal day. Enjoy your day & I hope ya feel better Ana!!

    XOXO ~ Jett
  • henrie 11 years ago said:
    Hey Ana, Susan and anyone else who stops by....

    Sorry I've been missing off and on, just trying to get over this bad cold virus. Also trying to keep the house germ free and taking care of Len since he caught it from me.

    Verna, good luck with your new job, hope it's not to much to soon for you dear.

    Spent the day buying groceries, healthy foods :-) Len is doing well on his diet, he's lost 10 to 13 lbs so far. He goes back to the doctor Tuesday, hopefully he will be proud of his progress. He managed to lose this weight in less then a months time. I will be a month Tuesday. Bobby and I are eating the same foods just not counting the calories and measuring, so far even Bobby and I have lost 8 to 10 pounds. My back does feel better for the most part.

    I go tomorrow to have a back brace fitted at the PT department of my doctors office. I'll use it for housecleaning and working in the yard, suppose to keep your back from getting sore.

    Hope everyone has a good evening, I'll check back in when I get the chance, maybe tomorrow if I'm not to tied up at PT.

    Hugs and Prayers for all.................
  • henrie 11 years ago said:
    OMG sorry Ana, forgot to comment on your upset tummy and the nightmares. Have you ever tried some of those herbal teas for the night?? Sleepytime is a good one, does relax you a lot. Give it a try if you can find it there.

    Hope your feeling better, love you girl.
  • ravenseyes 11 years ago said:
    Well everyone I am a little later than usual so sorry - its just been a crazy day had a wonderful day at work did 9 hrs and it just went flying by I never even realized I had worked 9 hrs - the people there are just so nice and so beautiful from the inside its a pleasure going to work even if it takes me an hour to get to work - it has restored my faith in the human race a little - and then I get home and take my beautiful dog for her usual walk to the dog field were she plays with all her puppy friends and there was a (not new well known by all just usually the owner won't let him off the leash) dog that was about her size - the dog has a history of being a very nasty dog and has biten many other dogs - well he attacked Hope and he bit her repeatedly - fianlly she got away and she bit the dog that was responsible for her beautiful face being full of blood - she took and did what all persons and animals do she bit him back - and would not let go - we finally threw water on Hope and she let go - I think Hope had even drawn any blood she was holding the cowl of his neck but hold good and tight and the dog was whimpering - the owner of the dog that Hope now had in her jaws was pounding Hopes head with both his fists as hard as he could I yelled at him and told him to get his hands off of my dog - what a jerk - I had to take Hope to the Vet and she had to have two of the wounds packed - so that no infections can set in - and she said she would not put any stitches in given the fact that her skin has so many folds (shari pei dog) that this is usually were infections would set in (the here I am with another 150 dollar vet bill and I am remarkably not doing to badly - Hope is on antibiotics and she is going to be fine and I am getting myself back together - and will be well with the world - I have to believe and I want to thank all of you my friends for being there - Henrie I am taking it slow promise I am ok - I have your prayers (smile and I can move the world LOL) well all I don't think it is time for bed....Ana re your tummy nausia is usually a symptom of something else - if it lasts for to long you should see a doctor - it could be gall stones very painful and can cause nausea ....but things like the teas everyone has suggested are good - I even used to have crystalized ginger around that would relieve those feelings a lot - please my friend take good care of yourself....
    Henrie - congrats to you and Len that is awesome and I am glad you got the brace and just promise you will take it easy that brace is not a license to do more strenous yard work and such -
    Jett good to see you - Susan always good to see you darlin - all of you my friends here are very very special to me - and I don't know what I would do without any one of you - speaking of which Kimmer haven't seen you around where are you hoping all is well - Peeta I do wish you would come by more often you are very much missed.
    Love all of you have a wonder nite and sweet dreams !!! Hugs and prayers all around

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