Rice krispy treats

  • ksfoodjunkie 13 years ago
    Has anyone tried adding dried fruit to ricpykrispy treats?
  • sweetwords 13 years ago said:
    That sounds really good. I don't like the chocolate chips, et al, that are usually added. I hope someone has tried them with fruit. I would love to fix some for my son!
  • invisiblechef 13 years ago said:
    Hi, I have a recipe on my page that is like this. You don't have to use Koala Crisp cereal of course if you do decide to make these, you can use regular rice cereal.

  • deedeec 13 years ago said:
    My kids love Koala Crisp Cereal... :)
  • canadiangirlrox 13 years ago said:
    I found strawberry flavored marshmallows and use the new vanilla rice crispiy treats! OMG!!!! They are soooo good...

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