• cubralinda 12 years ago
    Dear friends,
    I came across this ad last night, and I was blown away. I am not into aspartame, and though refuse to even touch that stuff, but I neer realized that it had such a huge impact on our diabetes. Things the Doctors refuse to tell us. Please read and pass it on to loved ones. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR URL BAR.
  • rodeogirl73 12 years ago said:
    My sister is allergic to Aspartame, and possibility I may be too as my throat do get a little tight. I'm not a big fan of Aspartame. I always stick with Splenda.
  • leigh561 12 years ago said:
    I'm allergic to Aspartame too. I get very bad migraines, sometimes break out in hives and sick to my stomach from it. Even a tiny bit causes me to be ill for a day or two. I do also have a slight issue with Splenda, but not as bad if it is used in recipes.
  • ttheriot 9 years ago said:
    Aspartame is toxic, and can even cause MS type symptoms if used in excess. Splenda is called "natural" because it is made with real sugar, but they neglect to tell you that they add chlorine molecutes to the sugar to prduce Splenda. Chlorine is highly toxic to the body! The best natural, non-toxic sweetener is stevia. It is from a plant, and is very strong, so add very little. Learn more at Do a search on sweeteners, and you'll be amazed at what you find. Mercola also wrote a book about the subject called, "Sweet Deception". I highly recommend it.

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