guar gum vs xanthum gum

  • yorkdukeman 15 years ago
    I am looking for a comparison between these to in a hamburg bun recipe? Has anyone experimented?
  • peetabear 15 years ago said:
    I will look it up for you....if my memory is right .... guar gum makes things crispier... it is added to pizza crust recipes etc.... sometimes they are used together to get different textures.... most hamburg bun that I have seen use the xanthum gum.....

    but I will look this up for you and give you the info from the CIA.... Culinary Institute of America....
  • yorkdukeman 15 years ago said:
    I graduated from there back in 1980....long before GF was even on the radar. We had a practical baking exam where the instructor put 10 different scoops of flour on the bench and we had to identify them. It was nerve racking, but I passed. Most hamburger bun recipe I have seen use xanthum gum. I haven't tried guar gum yet but before I ran out to pick some up I wanted to try to get some info off the web. Apparently the fiber in guar gum creates some problems with some people, I might try a 50/50 blend next time I make them. Because my 6 year old likes buffalo burgers we tend to have them once a week and giving up the bun was hard on her. Thanks for your help. -M
  • glutenfree 14 years ago said:
    I usually use xanthan gum in my baking, but I remember seeing a comparison in a gf cookbook. The conversion was 1 1/2 tsp guar gum for every tsp xanthan gum. Be careful with guar gum, it's also a laxative!
  • jo_jo_ba 13 years ago said:
    The only discernable difference I've seen between the two is that xantham makes doughs more elastic and "gluteny", which makes it better for denser baking like breads. Guar tends to create a lighter, "cakier" end result so works great in muffins and cakes.

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