• tinkishere 13 years ago
    I'm already planning the food for our annual Halloween party :) Anyone else doing this now or am I the only one who's obsessed?
  • dancegypsy67 13 years ago said:
    I'm trying to figure out if I make my signature gross-out dish for photo ops, how much will it heat up my kitchen. Undoubtedly, more than I want!

    I think I have to plan a Halloween party at work so I have something to look forward to. :)
  • dee 13 years ago said:
    Booo! :-) I am moving from the UK back to the US towards the end of Oct.. so this year all I will be planning is to see my Grandchildren all decked out and hopefully take them out Trick-or-Treating a bit :-) Halloween is such a fun time for me as well. I have missed all the fun of it here in the UK as they aren't into it as much as we are in the states.
  • notyourmomma 13 years ago said:
    I'm printing the invitations for the party now. Fred is out on the hunt for the pirates in the cage to hang in the entry way, plus the spooky ghostly mirror.

    DVD's on continual movie loop will be: The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Blood Fest, The Blob (Steve McQueen), The Birds, Young Frankenstein, Thriller Video.

    Food: Severed jello mold hand, slightly green flesh tone. Jello Brain mold (thanks Mel) finger joints with red nails(lil smokies wrapped in crescent rolls with slivered almond nails painted with food coloring) a smoking cauldron of spicy apple cranberry punch (dry ice), green goddess dip served in a carved cauliflower brain. hot spicy chili con queso with red and blue chips, boogers on a stick (celery stuffed with peanut butter and white raisins) and of course a kitty litter cake purely for the gross out effect.

    We are having a spin the wheel,have to eat the gross food game.....jars of baby food, candied insects, pureed beets, chopped cooked liver, etc. Teams will win gift cards to Blockbuster.

    Have the thunder and lightning machine, fog machine, Screaming mirror for the entry, Cousin Bob is hanging out on the roof, Aunt Sophie (she is a bag of bones is on the entry bench) and Uncle Ken is hanging off the basketball net. The graveyard goes up next week and the ravens and rats will come out soon after along with the black lights in each outdoor light.

    We haven't decorated or done Halloween since Tyler died four and half years ago and it is time we decorate for his favorite holiday. He was nutso for Halloween and the scarier the better. God bless that child, my angel

  • trackwidow 13 years ago said:
    What a nice way to honor your son!
  • mrtnzangel8 13 years ago said:
    That sounds like so much fun!
  • mrtnzangel8 11 years ago said:
    Another reason I love that boy....Halloween fan! I know you will have some good ideas for me NYM. :)

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