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  • NPMarie 4 years ago
    This person left a message on my page stating the same old thing..wants to get to know me etc...Hopefully she/he will be gone soon:)
  • frankieanne 4 years ago said:
    I saw her message on a couple of other members' pages and flagged them.
    Man, nobody ever wants to get to know me better! :-(
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    LOL! Yeah, I know what you was a first for me!
  • jett2whit 4 years ago said:
    Thanks for the heads up!
  • browneyegirl 4 years ago said:
    What I noarmly do when a person leaves a comment like that I over look it and I'm not so so sure if it wasn't the same person your talking about NPMarie.A few weeks ago it had happend to me.The person gave me their amail address to get to know the person.I'm like thinken to myself.No thank you.I'm sorry as long that I am not fimilaer the person like I am with you NPMarie, Frankieanne, Jett2whit and few that I'm missing.That I won't give out my email address.You see what I am sayen right?I think of you all as friends that I do respond to on a regularly basies.Even though that I don't have an hole bunch of friends in the real world.

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