Bisquick Biscuit Mix

  • mommyluvs2cook 12 years ago
    By: Maryelizlawson

    Well here is a great example of what everyone's been talking about! I know PSO put this one here a while back but I'm definitely not looking for it! Not sure what to say except it came together well and worked great in what I needed it for...those biscuits! Not much to say about the pic though, it is what it is lol! ;)

    Bisquick Biscuit Mix/saved
  • frankieanne 12 years ago said:
    You know, I don't really mind multiple threads on a recipe. I have such a short memory that I actually appreciate them. Like this one. I know I looked at it and marked it as "Reviews" but I don't remember that at all.
    So - thank you, ml2c. :D
    I love the picture as well. :-P
  • pointsevenout 12 years ago said:
    It's one of those recipes that were done before we started linking. Now we have one.
  • mommyluvs2cook 12 years ago said:
    I know, I'm glad I did remember it being posted here cause I wouldn't have even thought to make my own when I was out and REALLY wanted to make those biscuits.
  • pointsevenout 11 years ago said:
    Glad we linked to this recipe. Was needing to make another batch.

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