Chilaquiles Mexican Stove Top Casserole

  • lori4flavor 10 years ago
    By turtle66..

    I made this over the weekend, and it was so yummy! I went easy on the enchilada sauce and only used about 10 corn tortillas. Oh, and I had cheddar cheese in, so I used that. A very easy and delicious Mexican style dish!

    Me thinks it's time to get a new non-stick skillet, cuz it kept sticking. Either that, or I need a better brand of tortillas. So, it didn't come out so pretty, otherwise I would have taken a picture.

    I have previously made a similar dish with eggs in place of the ground beef, for breakfast, and it's also very delicious.

    Thanks again turtle! :)
  • lilliancooks 10 years ago said:
    Great recipe! I got a good laugh out of the photo!
  • juels 10 years ago said:
    If stuff sticks to the non-stick pan, time for a new one! I know this from back when I used to cook a lot with non-stick.
  • sparow64 10 years ago said:
    SOunds fabulous! This is something I will try! So glad you posted it!
  • lori4flavor 10 years ago said:
    @ Lillian... I thought the same thing..LOL

    @ Julia ... Yep, I still intend on finding a good cast iron one. As for non-stick, turtle recommends, All Clad LTD.

    @ Sparrow.... I love the smell and taste of steamed or fried corn tortillas! You will not be disappointed with this dish!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said: Flag

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