Peas and Carrots with Honey, Bacon and Shallots

  • frankieanne 4 years ago
    posted by Grecogirl
    Peas And Carrots With Honey, Bacon, And Shallots
    This was wonderful. Its amazing what just a little bit could do to spruce up some frozen vegetables. This was my dinner tonight. I cut the peas and carrots, bacon and shallots in half. I kept the whole amount of honey and butter. Hey, why should I deprive myself of 1 Tbs of butter and 1/2 Tbs of honey?? :-D
    Really wonderful. This would be a great holiday side dish.
  • mommyluvs2cook 4 years ago said:
    Do they sell frozen peas and carrots together? Hhmm...I didn't know that. Carrots and honey are the perfect combo! Love the pic. :)
  • frankieanne 4 years ago said:
    Yep, peas and carrots in one bag. Well, at least here out west. :-)
    It was very tasty. Thank you!
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Looks good! Such a great way to "dress up" peas & carrots!

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