Sakes's Sunday!

  • chuckieb 4 years ago
    Good Morning Everybody! How is everyone doing today?
    Just finished a nummy breakfast of fried eggs, toast and peameal bacon. Have sooooo many leftovers in the fridge so we need to tackle that for lunch and then I made up Cabbage rolls yesterday so dinner is done already. :)
    I was worried about Joce so sent her a quick email just to check on her. That cold has been really nasty and it's not loosening its grips. Even Den, who had it way before Joce, is still suffering. Sending out big hugs and virtual bowls of chicken noodle soup to her! Feel better soon!!!!!
    How was the picnic Marie? Did Rick see anyone he knew?
    Lori, your pics on FB of your trip were so nice. What gorgeous country! Laura and Brian are going to have a wonderful time I'm sure! It looks so majestic and so peaceful! How was all your yummy finger foods? And your VOLS won? :) was your shift and how did you sleep? Remember to update us on your dinner out at Blowfish.
    Laurie...did you buy a new car yet?
    Connie, Donna, Brooke, Dahlia, Kimmer, Laura....a big 'wave' to you.
    Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
    Fall being my favourite time of year I'm always pumped when the fall mums and flowering cabbages, etc. start showing up in the stores. Yesterday my grocery store got in it's first bins of pumpkins. Yay! :)
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Hi Janet!

    Yes, Rick did see 2 buddies he served with:) He had the best time! We also found out that there's a reunion that's held in Reno, NV every 2 years..we hope to go to the next one in 2015. He had the best time! They reminisced for hours:) Good memories for sure. I posted a pic of the 3 of them to my avatar:)

    Joce, feel better soon!

    Dinner will be Ground Turkey Peppers With Rice

    Have a very nice Sunday!
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Hootie hooooo! Blowfish was quite good. Great band playing. nice happy hour specials.
    Linda and Liv had MAHI MAHI fish tacos. Both said the fish was fresh, grilled nicely and the slaw with all the fixings was a huge plate of food. Fred had a massive burger with provolone and bacon. He only ate half. I had shrimp and grits. The grits were sooooo good, cheesy with crisp bacon pieces. There eight large shrimp broiled and served standing in the yellow pool of cornmeal. It didn't have the spicy broth that I associate with shrimp and grits but it was enjoyable. The big favorite of the night was our shared appetizer. Thick sliced portobello mushrooms breaded in panko crumbs and fried....served with the sweet hot chili sauce for dipping. The nachos plate we shared was ordinary but still a fun share appy.

    Janet, ahhhh on fall. My favorite time of year as well. Mine arrives much later, boo. I am going repot some mums and put some coleus out for the season. Our summer plants are very leggy and not too healthy looking.

    Sleep, well, non-existent. I went to sleep at 10 am this morning after lying in bed tossing around since 7:00 a.m. I have to be at work at 2:30 til 1 am tonight. This is getting to be unbearable. One should NEVER go over the budget and pay bills at 3:00 am.

    Hope Joce gets better soon. Virtual soup on the way.
    Ditto Janet's questions to tell!

    Listening to classical music while getting ready for work, is a lovely calming habit of late. Somehow, it readies my mind to remain calm and collected, no matter how many people scream, yell, threaten and drop f-bombs.

    Hugs to all, present and accounted for, as well our missing ODD posters. Blessed Sunday wishes.
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Yeah Marie. So happy you had a good time, and Rick too. My Daddy (Buddy) stayed in touch with his platoon buddies to the very end, even when the dementia caused him to forget his children, he never forgot Jack or Wills. It was a superspecial to have those men stand at attention during the gunsalute and presentation of the colors tothe family. It was awesome to have them relate theirmemories of my dad.Special moments that should not be forgotten.

    I absolutely want stuffed peppers orstuffedcabbagerolls next marathon cooking session.
    Obviously my space bar is sticking....ayyiyi

    I got Michael Symon's new cookbook. 5 in 5. It is great, five fresh ingredients with pantry staples and five MINUTES cook time and you have dinner faster than waiting for the pizza delivery!!!! I'm so going to invest in his pantry staples and give his recipes a try.
    Broken into categories or methods of cooking it is a wonderful resource for quick meals.
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Lovely picture of Rick and his buddies Marie. So pleased to hear you had such a great time. And how awesome to have a reunion to look forward to in Nevada. I've never been there. (Mind you I haven't been to very many places in the States!) Your dinner sounds good.
    I really must try a fish taco one of these days Tina. I've never ever had one and I think I would like it. Fred's burger sounded awesome. I've just finished taping up the parcel to send to Benjamin for his birthday next month and I put six red maple leaves in his card that I'd collected from the front lawn. His favourite time of year is autumn as well. Ugh on no sleep again. Classical music does a soul good that's for sure.
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Tina, it's amazing, it was like they were back when they were 20 again..what a bond they have, even after 30 years..I was truly touched. In fact, my Dad has kept in touch with a buddy he served with during the Korean War in the Navy..he lives in Washington State..there's a picture hanging in my parents house with my Dad, his buddy and Dad's brother (who was a career Army Vet).(.he served in both Korean & Vietnam) standing by my Dad's ship in the snow..I'm thinking they must have been in Japan..I need to ask Dad where the pic was taken! They are such handsome strapping men in that touches my heart to say the least...
    That recipe I'm making is like an unstuffed pepper recipe, all in one pan..easy peasy. I would much rather have Janet's cabbage rolls though..I have a small head of cabbage, I need a larger one for that recipe for sure..and tomato soup!

    We are soooo looking forward to the Reno reunion Janet..he will get in touch with a good friend in Georgia (he served with Rick) and let him know about the reunion..he's a jet mechanic for a major airline (can't remember which one)...I guess he gets to fly for next to nothing:) That would be great if he could make it! I changed the pic in my avatar..Rick standing by the banner at the picnic:)
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    That's a good pic of Rick as well. I just googled how far it was from Magalia to Reno and it's not so bad is it! Not that far from Lake Tahoe. That's cool.
    Don't feel like planting daffodil bulbs like I'd planned to do today. Feeling lazy.
  • laurieg 4 years ago said:
    Hey all. I haven't picked up the new car yet. Tomorrow they are giving it another cleaning and getting it all registered. Frank went yesterday and purchased it. It's a 2006 Mercury Monteray. All the bells and whistles and low mileage. And no big car payment. I kind of missed my minivan. I like a lot of room.
    We had taco salad for dinner. Kids had their first night of CCD tonight.
  • laurieg 4 years ago said:

    This is the car
  • sparow64 4 years ago said:
    Geez it's 10 pm. Guess l should say good nite! Lol I'm on my phone so this will be short and sweet!

    Oh goodness no Janet my VOLS lost 52 - 14. But that was to be expected. Love that u put some leaves in Benjamin's pkge. Fall is our favorite time of year too.

    So glad you both had such a good time Marie. Great pic of Rick. Cool on the reunion.

    Blowfish sounds awesome Tina. Ugh on no sleep. Been wondering about that book. I should give it a look.

    Congrats on the car Laurie. I will check it out tomoro.

    Long day demo-ing at krogers. Hips feet legs hurt. Bryan had dinner ready and a drink poured. I thanked him no less than 15 times. Lol.

    Stick a fork in me. I'm done. Night!

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