Caramel Apple Pie

  • pointsevenout 5 years ago
    Recipe by Awrelie: Caramel Apple Pie
    Contrary to the title this is a cake, and very delicious too. All came out exactly to spec. I was worried about the size of the casserole dish but it was all good.
    The batter has to be scraped out of the mixing bowl and spread on the bottom of the dish as if it were a thick icing.
    Used my home made Dulce De Leche and home made Brown Sugar and apples fresh from the orchard. It takes about 4 large to medium apples to make the dish.
  • frankieanne 5 years ago said:
    It looks like you're doing well finding recipes to use your homemade Dulce De Leche, pso. That cake looks delicious and you did all that gram conversion, too. :)
  • valinkenmore 5 years ago said:
    Sounds great - can't wait to try it. Thanks for your review.

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