Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

  • chuckieb 8 years ago
    I made Luisa's
    Chicken Satay With Spicy Peanut Sauce And Coconut Jasmine Rice/saved
    last night for dinner. It was lovely. I have a very similar Satay recipe myself but always like to try other ones just to see how they compare and what I could tweak on mine.
    My favourite thing about this recipe is the Chicken Satay Marinade. Even marinating the chicken in this marinade would make a most lovely meal on its own. The coconut rice is my second favourite part. Hubby and I tried Coconut rice for the first time in March but I'd never made it before. It has a lovely sweetness but not overly so.
    The spicy peanut sauce does have a kick to it. I could really taste the shallot in it (mine was a big one) and the Thai carrot and mint salad was very fresh. Sure made the plate colourful and I used fresh mint from my garden which was fun.
    Thanks Luisa for another lovely recipe!
  • NPMarie 8 years ago said:
    Wow, pretty plate of food:) This does sound amazing:) There are quite a few ingredients aren't there! On a recipe such as this, prepping is key I'm sure! Very nice review Janet! Lovely recipe Luisa!
    Oh Janet, I noticed this recipe needs a rating:)
  • mommyluvs2cook 8 years ago said:
    I love how you get a full meal out of this recipe, and each part compliments each other so well! I can't wait to get this one made. I could see my husband mixing together the rice and carrots once it hits the plate, he's on of those mixing up all his food type people lol :) LOVE the picture!
  • frankieanne 8 years ago said:
    Wow, that looks so impressive! I love chicken thighs. The rice sounds very interesting. I've never had coconut milk. Really gorgeous, Janet!
  • chuckieb 8 years ago said:
    Thanks everyone!
    Yes, there are a lot of ingredients Marie but it goes really quickly. You just toss the ingredients together for the marinade and that's done and you could even make up the Peanut sauce the day before if you wanted but it goes quick too. Initially I wasn't going to make the salad but when I read it, it looked quick and easy and I knew that the colour and crunch would be really nice alongside the chicken and rice so I went for it.
    I still pretty much hold on to my keeping the food separate on my plate Michelle....a hold out from childhood. :)
    Boneless, skinless thighs are MY favourite too Frankieanne. We eat a lot of Thai food and they use coconut milk a lot. It's a lovely ingredient.
  • notyourmomma 8 years ago said:
    Gorgeous!!!!! I need plating lessons from you. Your rice looks better in a mound. I love coconut milk, always in my magic elixir. The carrot salad looks super crispy and tasty,
  • chuckieb 8 years ago said:
    Thanks Tina. I get such better pictures in the summer time when I can take my plate outside and get some decent lighting! :) Luisa suggests to mound the rice in a little bowl and then unmold it right in her recipe. Plating is something I'd really, really like to learn more about. The other day I saw someone use a Smoked Paprika oil to swirl around a dish. Googled it further (doesn't that sound yummy?....smoked paprika oil?) and found a recipe for a Roast Yellow Pepper soup that had circles of the smoked paprika oil in it. Soooooo pretty! That's the fun thing about the Internet and food sites....there is always so much to learn and so many fun things to try!

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