Roasted Tomato Garlic Paste

  • pointsevenout 4 years ago
    Recipe by Jo_jo_ba: Roasted Tomato Garlic Paste/saved
    Followed the recipe to the letter. Took 7 hours to cook down. Maybe my paste tomatoes were more juicy than Jo's.
    I'm into making homemade stuff BUT it's with the idea of saving money. This recipe is a lot of time and stove energy and more expensive than scoring a couple of tins of paste from the store.
    Love the flavor and I will freeze what I don't use by the tablespoon. But I think I will stick to the store bought stuff for the economy.
  • frankieanne 4 years ago said:
    I never realized that tomato paste was made that way. I guess I never thought about it! Its not as red as the store stuff either.
  • jo_jo_ba 4 years ago said:
    @points - my goal with this was to not necessarily save money but eschew the strange additives and processing of the cans (not to mention the packaging) as well as adding more flavour. I did use "paste" tomatoes from my garden so that may have affected the cook time
  • pointsevenout 4 years ago said:
    No doubt, everything was accomplished. It is a wonderful paste. Currently I'm using it as a flavor spread on egg and cheese burritos.
    Frankie: It was just as red as the store stuff until the last half hour of bake time, where it started to darken in color. I assumed then that it was done, although it is darker than Jo's picture.

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