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Sweet and Sour Pork

  • mommyluvs2cook 4 years ago
    By: Peanutt

    This was so good BUT I had to triple the sauce to get enough to serve with the rice. It says uncooked rice and then never says to cook it. I did figure it out though obviously lol! I used red bell pepper and fresh grated ginger. It had great flavor over all! Yum!

    Sweet And Sour Pork/saved
  • mrpiggy 4 years ago said:
    Thats a beautiful pic , ML2C. I love S&S pork. Looking at the "how to make", I see the first direction "cook rice" Im holding back here on my usual SA comments...................Like, umm...........n/m : )
  • frankieanne 4 years ago said:
    hehe Ml2c has been into the rice vinegar, er um - wine again, I guess. :-P
    Just teasin' ya. :)
    That definitely looks like a classic sweet and sour pork recipe with that pineapple and bell pepper and all. That picture is fabulous!!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Lovely picture ML2C. This looks nice but I'm afraid I'm anti-pineapple with meat. :)
    Ease up on the poor girl MrP. She's got a torn ham string remember! :)
  • mrpiggy 4 years ago said:
    You're right, Chuckie. Im sorry, ML2C. Sometimes I just cant help it. I never mean any harm tho, and I hope your hamstering is better : )

    Broccoli, cauliflower, kale (dont know waht that is) swwet pickles, black beans and now pineapple and meat. People and their poisons. Reminds me of the Life Cereal commercial and Mikey : )

    Thats OK. I dont care for olives in ANYTING except plain and on the finger tips. And cilantro, capers, liver, lavender.......yuck : P
  • lovebreezy 4 years ago said:
    Yep "cook rice" it's there but it's all wrong to me. It should have either listed pre-cooked rice as the ingredient or said something like cook rice according to package directions. Really nice photo M♥2C.
  • gourmetana 4 years ago said:
    This looks so delicious! Love your photo!
  • mommyluvs2cook 4 years ago said:
    Haha, its one of those things I just read completely over. I deserve the hard time from Mr.P! I do these kind of things all the time here lol!!! Chasing around a 2 yr old BOY (who is a HUGE handful) doesn't help with my reading recipes and posting! Thanks everyone for your comments!

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