What's Your Ultimate GameDay Dish?

  • noir 16 years ago
    Thought I would post the first discussion on this subject!
  • zena824 16 years ago said:
    Have to have some type of cheese dip.....cant do anything without it.....LOL
  • notyourmomma 16 years ago said:
    I have to serve some kind of sausage for the hubby.....it doesn't matter which one as long as he has some savory meat and bread combo.

    Italian sausage and tri-colored peppers/onions on a hoagie roll or steamed/ pan grilled brats with sauerkraut on a hoagie, kielbasa wrapped in puff pastry baked, sliced with mustard for dipping will do or sausage links in barbecue in the crockpot......he loves them all, no, wait, he can't tolerate a hotlink but then I make those for me. Our local makes a great chicken sausage that I grill and we top with marinara and sauteed mushrooms and melt some provolone on the bun that is very popular with the crowd.
  • noir 16 years ago said:
    This year my usual crew is looking to a *Beer Theme* *lol*...I have made Steamers in Beer (very New England), French Bread Pizza, Soups, SuperBowl Punch, Mugs of Jo and Dips and more Dips! If it is snowing this weekend for the AFC, we will have a Snow Angel Event and SnowBall War...which will call for Hot Chocolate. So, if anyone has any great Tailgate Recipes...let's share! I'll post the Steamers today!
  • notyourmomma 14 years ago said:
    Hmmm, I rethinking our Football Sunday "EATS" around here. Maybe feature the regional food of our opponent of the week.

    Themed foods would be fun to do too.

    Noir, love your ideas. Steamers in beer...yummy. Mussels in Wine, Roasted oysters with garlic butter..........see where I'm going here.....yummy.
  • peetabear 14 years ago said:
    NYM.... I love the idea of doing theme foods....yum.

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