How do you recycle your leftovers?

  • notyourmomma 16 years ago
    I often cube leftover meatloaf and add it to marinara as a psuedo spaghetti and meatballs.

    Leftover chicken of course, become chicken ala king or a pot pie?

    What are your best RE-USE ideas?
  • themechams 16 years ago said:
    I make a lot of soups. Left over anything usually becomes a soup. :-)
  • jemison 16 years ago said:
    Check out my potato patties.
  • kilby 16 years ago said:
    We generally make a taco of some sort, or a casserole. Plus, we take plates of food to people we are trying to reach out to. It is really a great ice breaker to stand at someones door and say, hey, we were thinking about you. Are you hungry? {hugs}
  • mrtnzangel8 16 years ago said:
    I like to roll up different stuff in egg roll wrappers and then fry em up.
  • pressurecooker 16 years ago said:
    I have to laugh about your question because my family is so large, I have to PLAN for leftovers. With eight of us, sometimes I have someone grumbling that they didn't get seconds. And when I do plan for leftovers, we usually eat it the same way, if there is enough. My family doesn't mind eating something two days in a row as I almost never make the same thing within a 2-3 week period--or even longer.

    Leftover meatloaf is planned for sandwiches. I make soup so often that we don't much desire to have soup made out of it, IF there were ingredients. And just IF there is a little of something, I freeze a dish with a serving of everything so my hubby can take a meal to work. He never buys fast food as it just is not in our budget right now. And sandwiches can get tiring.
  • plot_thickens 15 years ago said:
    Leftovers become lunch in a family of two, or snacks in the case of the powerlifter. We have different appetites -- I'm not hungry in the mornings so three biscotti will get me to lunch whereas he'll have half a steak from last night.
  • whuebl 11 years ago said:
    You can turn potato soup into clam chowder just by adding minced clams, corn, fried bacon bits if not in the potato soup, a bay leaf and a pinch of thyme.

    Also, you can take minestrone soup, blend it well and make it into marinara sauce just by adding garlic, onions, tomato paste and, if you want a meat sauce marinara, hamburger or crumbled meatloaf. Yum.

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