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  • ttaaccoo 5 years ago
    Does anyone besides me become "flummoxed" when grams and mls are the measurements? Or inches and cups, quarts, pounds?

    This is an international site, and individuals might add their info.
  • lovebreezy 5 years ago said:
    Just doing a quick search I found these conversion recipe postings. I know that wasn’t really your question but thought it may help someone. I just think of it as a math problem and do a quick, approximate conversion. Then, I just sort of cook like I usually do and don’t really measure.

    International Conversion Charts
    A Temperature Conversion Chart
    Heirloom Weights And Measurements Conversion Chart
    Butter To Olive Oil Conversion Chart
    Crockpot Conversion Chart
    Metric Conversion Chart
    Helpful Conversion Charts
    Conversion Charts
  • gourmetana 5 years ago said:
    LoveB, those are great sites! I use this one to convert my recipes
    Although this is an international site, it was created by Americans (US) and the majority of its users are also American I believe. To respect that I convert almost all my recipes to imperial system even if what I use in my country is metric. The truth is the USA and a couple of countries more are the only ones in the world still using imperial, so maybe everyone could learn both :) I was not used to imperial and since I became a member of this site I got to learn it and adapt to it. Metric my seem complicated, but it is actually very accurate :)
  • lovebreezy 5 years ago said:
    In school growing up we were always told we would eventually convert to metric--alas... Metric makes so much sense I just can't figure out why we don't just take the leap. Sure some things will be confusing for awhile but eventually everyone will catch on or die out. We would be doing the next generations a great favor if we would just do it!
  • lovebreezy 5 years ago said:
    That is a great link Ana. I saved it myself, thanks.

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