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Spaghetti Pie

  • pointsevenout 3 years ago
    Recipe by NPMarie: Spaghetti Pie/saved
    How 'bout a little salt to bring out more flavor!
    This recipe comes together super fast so have everything premeasured.
    Sticks to the dish a little. Maybe a lube job is in order.
    Only had a 9" cake tin. It fit OK. Put a drip pan under it just in case.
    Added a quarter cup of water and the sauce/topping still was thick.
    I used a baked chicken from the deli because we are using only a pound here.
  • NPMarie 3 years ago said:
    Oh wow..I forgot to list S&P..sorry Points. I'm not a big salt user, but I'm sure I added a little...Also, added S&P to the ingredients and directions. I like a thicker sauce in this, so that's why I had a note saying to add a little water if it seemed too thick, if it's too runny, it wouldn't hold together enough to be a "pie".... You could always spray a little oil in the pan before adding the spaghetti..the butter mixed with the spaghetti always worked ok for me..Thanks so much for trying this and for adding your great pics, I appreciate it!
  • frankieanne 3 years ago said:
    I've always wanted to try a spaghetti pie but it seems like too much food for me. I'll have to find a small dish and figure out how to cut a recipe in half. I love the pictures!
  • NPMarie 3 years ago said:
    You could freeze the leftovers Frankieanne:)
  • mommyluvs2cook 3 years ago said:
    I've had my eye on this one. No meat for me but the family would like it. It seems the leftover would freeze well....
  • lovebreezy 3 years ago said:
    My girl friend gave me a Spaghetti Pie recipe years ago before it became so common. I still love it to this day. It called for beef and not poultry. P7O is correct, you have to have your other ingredient ready as the pasta crust sets up real fast and can't be left sitting.

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