Tater Tots

  • pointsevenout 5 years ago
    Recipe by Tippystclair: Tater Tots and
    recipe by Pleasantvalleycabins: Homemade Tater Tots
    Combined these two recipes to get the best of both worlds on a baked tater tot. I liked the flour in one recipe with the option to bake and the cheese in the other.
    Ran into trouble. I rinsed the shredded potatoes and pressed them dry then mixed in with the rest of the ingredients. Mix would not stay together so I decided to throw in a couple of eggs as a binder. Unfortunately I had forgot to add any flour, Duh! Well the eggs are already in there and you can't unring a bell. Went ahead and added the flour. Used some more for dusting and baked at 400F for 45 minutes.
    Tots turned out just a little springy, because of the egg and flour combination. Still tasty but not like tater tots should taste.
    Made 2 pounds of this concoction. Going to use them in a casserole dish tomorrow.
    I'm sure each of these recipes would work well as a stand alone recipe -- as long as the directions are followed.
  • mommyluvs2cook 5 years ago said:
    Once again love the cheese idea as well as the chives!! Wish I could see a picture!!
  • frankieanne 5 years ago said:
    At least you saved the mix, pso, and it didn't go to waste. The Great Tater Tot Ordeal of 2013. :)
  • lovebreezy 4 years ago said:
    #2 - Reviews for the Homemade Tater Tots recipe:
    1 Homemade Tater Tots
    2 The one on this very page

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