Yummy onions!

  • linebb956 13 years ago
    I love onions any way you do them!
  • pressurecooker 12 years ago said:
    Hey linebb, So do I! We buy them in 50LB bags, when I can find them, because we use so many. One of my family's "most-favoritest" meals is having me cook a bloomin onion apiece and making Outback Steakhouse's cheese fries. [If you've never had them, they are fries topped with bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese with a spicy southwestern sour cream/mayo type of dipping sauce. Ummm, ummmmm, good, but I get nauseated from all the grease.]

    Onions are the one ingredient I can hardly cook without. The only thing I cannot do is eat one like an apple. If the recipe calls for one, I often put in two (or more). Besides that, they are just chock full of vitamins and are thought to have properties of healing. Long live the wonderful, versatile onion!
  • pointsevenout 12 years ago said:
    The onion is the most consumed vegetable in the world.
  • trigger 12 years ago said:
    I coo k with onions every day all verities colors, sizes, shapes and sweetness. They are so versatile

    You get so many different flavors from the same onion: Raw onions are crunchy and harsh, steamed are soft .
    sautéed onions have a sweeter quality and caramelizes onions are another vegetable in and of them self.
    So many ways to make them unique, pickled you name it.
    French onion Soup anyone.

  • divaliscious 12 years ago said:
    Onions should be my middle name, for a household of only 2, I go through 3 pounds probably per week. And onions are sooo good for you! Great group idea as well!
  • pat2me 12 years ago said:
    I never have enough recipes for onions!

    Mind if I join you?
  • pleclare 12 years ago said:
    I love onions too. Count me in!
  • culinarypasha 12 years ago said:
    Its something you can experiment because there perfect anyway you make them and there easy to get in amounts.

    I Love marinating them in Balsamic Vinegar and Just grilling them.

    The Carmelazation is just terrific.

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