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Christmas Eve Monday!

  • DetroitTokyo 5 years ago
    Good morning everyone!

    Change of plans & now we're hosting Kris's family brunch I'm just over two hours. I have quite a bit to do before noon. Our party was great! I'll try to come by later to tell you more. Have a great day everyone!!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Good morning Dahlia & everyone! DT looks adorable! And I love the picture of you & Kris..beautiful sweaters!!

    We will be heading out to deliver Christmas goodies here in a bit..sunny and cold today! No rain or snow:)

    We will be having lobster tomorrow and I'll make a batch of clam chowder..I need to figure out what to serve with the lobster, I'm drawing a complete blank!!! Let me know what you would think!!!

    Merry Christmas Eve & Happy Holidays to all!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Dahlia, Tokyo looks just adorable in her Christmas outfit and you did a spectacular job on the veggie tree it looks so enticing. LOL Now are those your ugly sweaters? I don't think they are ugly at all! It is a cute pic of you and Kris. Good luck with all your planning and no doubt you will have fun with your “Jammie Brunch”.

    Marie, You can do a number of different things with lobster. Rice, Salad, garlic bread, veggies the sky is the limit. Yum and I love clam chowder too. You have me drooling already!

    Tina, Happy TGIM and I hope you have a really good shift.

    I have a few small things to pick up at the store later. Nothing that I can't live without but we shall see how busy it is. I still have some last minute dusting and cleaning to do.
    Den has been outside for a couple of hours cleaning the last of snow away like tunnels to the compost bin and walk ways around the house. According to the weatherman we are supposed to get dumped on big time again on Thursday! Not sure what is for dinner yet maybe leftovers to help clear out some space in the fridge.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Chopping onions, sauteeing, mincing garlic and wishing I had more day to the day.

    Love the pictures Dahlia...DT is a cutie. And you and Kris look great. Nice job on the veggie tree, Very nice. Have fun at Brunch! Merry Christmas.

    Mare, you are killing me with the lobster....why I'd have more lobster with my lobster if given a choice!! LOL What about boiled new potatoes with parsley and butter or smashed new red potato with a bit of parmesan on top> A nice salad, perhaps?
    Merry Christmas to you.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning Everybody! Thanks for sharing those excellent pictures Dahlia. DT looks adorable of course and your Broccoli tree turned out A-One! Nice job! I too love the pic of you and Kris and your Hanukkah sweater rocks! :) You are going to be wiped after all this entertaining! Enjoy the brunch!
    Morning Marie! Have fun delivering your Christmas goodies. Wish you could drop some of your Peanut Brittle at my house too! :) Yum on your lobster. I'm contemplating doing up a Lobster Bisque over the Holidays but we'll see. When we eat lobster I generally just have that and a salad and sometimes some nice fluffy bread. You've got clam chowder too so you won't be able to eat much more! :)
    Glad you are all done at Macy's Laurie and can now focus on the Holiday properly with your family. Great news about the new bird for your Aunt. Serendipitous for sure! :)
    Laura, I saw the pics of your spice baskets that you delivered. They're just beautiful. Again, such a thoughtful gift! Crank on some Christmas tunes and have a good cooking day today! Your Christmas Eve dinner with hubby and Dad sounds perfect. And I envy you a big clan get together tomorrow. :)
    I'm heading to the store in a second like you Tina for last minute things I forgot! :) Shouldn't take long. Lovely sunshiny day today.
    Lori....hope you had a great weekend!
    Joce....what are you up to today?
    Not sure what I'm making for dinner this evening. I'm leaning towards an appy dinner? Gotta run!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    SP Tina! Norad Tracks Santa
    says he's in Indonesia right now so the Elves must have some free time to go give you a hand with your prep I'd think! :) Love "More lobster with my lobster". :)
    A Caesar salad might be a good side too Marie!
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Merry Merry to all,, having to shovel a path...I think I see why Fred will never go live north again, Clean the fridge night...that will be me Wednesday.
    Janet, the store is a zoo. Chilly here today.Ham sandwich for work.
    Midnight will be champagne and presents,.....Sleep in. I think I can talk them into skipping the movie til Wednesday night. If I am a very good girl....right?

    Hugs to all.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Oh my! thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions:) I would like to keep it simply, lobster is so rich..a nice salad and some smashed potatoes with parm maybe!!! Some garlic sourdough as well...I'm getting hungry:)

    Tina, do you think I could sub raisins & dried cranberries in your Baked Brie With Cran Raisins?

    Joce, how much snow did u get???

    Janet, Caesar salad is a favorite here!!

    Need to take the puff pastry out of the freezer and put in the fridge to thaw..then shower and get this show on the road:)

    I'll be back later!!!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Missed you there too Joce! I just got back from town. Roads are good and the crowds in the Grocery store, drugstore and wine store weren't bad at all. Glad I was home by noon though! :) Hope you find your errand running equally easy.
    Yum on your Ham sandwich Tina! Champagne and presents at Midnight sound lovely!
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    hey all, I am going to try brining (sp) the turkey for the first time, Any suggestions its a 20lb bird and I am using my huge clam bake pot because it is the only thing big enough to fit the turkey. I plan on keeping it in the sunroom overnight since it is cold enough.
    Tonight is Chinese food and Kaluha cake for dessert
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    I have used a cooler to brine a turkey Laurie for the same reason. I don't have a pot big enough. The only way I have brined (sp?) a turkey is the way Chef Micheal Smith does it.
    Here is a link to his way. I hope this helps.:-)
    I would love some Chinese food our restaurant here was just super. Sadly it caught on fire in the fall and there is no sign of them reopening it yet. I could kill for a piece of that Kahlua cake right now!

    Marie, I guess all the snow we have had is maybe over 20 inches? Den had the driveway done but we are all fenced in and he gets to the other parts when he can. LOL I would love more lobster with lobster too!

    Tina, Champagne and presents at midnight sounds just great to me. Then you can sleep in and get some much needed rest.

    Janet, I have never seen Foodsmith's so busy I had to park at the back of the store for the first time in my life. That being said I was in and out in good time. LOL the Beer Store had people lined outed to the street though! I am glad I didn't need to go there. The traffic was steady on my way back but that was also noon time traffic. I am happy to be home safe and sound now.
    Off to make some lunch.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Not sure if you're after a recipe exactly Laurie but you could certainly adjust accordingly for the following recipe
    Brined Turkey Breast
    I did that one not long ago and loved the flavour. It's for a 7 lb. breast but you could just triple the ingredients. Will look forward to you reporting back to tell us how it was. Any time I've ever brined something I've loved it! Chinese Food and Kaluha cake sound absolutely perfect.
    LOL @ Foodsmith's Joce. I can imagine! :) And ugh on the Beer store line up. That being said I've seen a line up outside the place before it has even opened in the morning on a regular week day! :)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Okay....indeed I'm going to forge ahead with an Appy Dinner. The main will be Pat's
    Almost Escargot
    (Cheers my friend), and I picked up some Thai sweet chili wings in the grocery store, a veggie plate and
    Egg Salad Wontons
    Still have some Poor Man's Caviar left over as well.
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Thanks I will use the Chef Michael one. I don't have all the ingredients of the other.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    I checked out that Chef Micheal Brined Turkey link too Joce. It looks very nice. Surpised it said to use table salt though. I'd always thought one brined with pickling salt!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    I have never seen one with pickling salt ever? I just checked in here too and it seems only with table salt or kosher salt!
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:

    Hope all of you have a wonderful day/evening with family and friends!

    We did get out early...good thing...I was still behind. lol Had a good time with Jason and the boys last night. Off to Mom's in a little while, but wanted to pop in for a second.

    The white cheeseball is not white at going to roll in nuts instead of decorating like a

    Back to chat and catch up soon.
  • cookingforfun 5 years ago said:
    Just came on to wish everyone a very special holiday season.. I hope you and your family enjoy the best of everything.....
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    It could very well be just me not on the same page Joce. I googled the difference between Pickling salt and Kosher Salt and it says that Pickling salt contains no additives and is a fine grain so it will dissolve easily in brine. Kosher salt is also without additives but the grain is often coarser.
    They are interchangeable with one caveat. The difference in the grain size will make a difference in how much salt you'll actually get in a volume measure.
    i.e. a tablespoon of a fine grained salt will contain more salt than a tablespoon of a coarse grained salt. That's because the coarse grains will have more air spaces between the grains and therefore less salt in the spoon. Finer grains pack closer together.
    If you measure by weight, there will be no difference.
    I probably have always gone with pickling salt because I always think of 'pickle' when I think of the word 'brine'. :)
    Glad you got to pop in Lori! :) And super glad ole DL let you go so early. Whoop Whoop. Did she by chance get a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past last night? :) Glad to hear you had a good evening with Jason and the boys. Have loads of fun at your Mom's. No matter on the snowman cheese ball. Not that you'll have the time but I did see another cute idea on Pinterest where they made mini cheeseballs rolled in nuts and then they stuck a straight pretzel in each one. So it looked like a little cake pop plus made it easy to pick up! And.....if you're feeling just silly ambitious I also saw another really cute one where they again had mini cheeseballs rolled in nuts with three straight pretzels sticking out of it and little googly eyes stuck on the ends of them so they look like little monsters. :) ROFL. Tweaked my sense of humour!
    Merry Christmas Arthur!
    Got my wontons and the Mushrooms prepped. Should be fun. Time for a Hot Tub I think! And a cocktail! :) Cheers Everyone!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Lori, Have a good one!

    Merry Christmas Arthur.

    Thanks Janet, very interesting info on the salt. Enjoy your appy's and hot tub cheer!

    Just in case I don't make it on again today.

    Have yourself" A Merry Little Christmas" everyone!
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Soo the reason I held off trying my hand at brining the turkey is because Frank is so anal about uncooked poultry I thought he would freak out at the prospect of it sitting out (even on the cold porch) So today I tell him my plans and he says "oh ya my mom used to do that all the time" Who knew??? He was all for it, even found me a big painters bucket out in the garage so I didn't have to go with the huge lobster steamer pot.
    Merry Christmas to Everyone!
  • mbelisle 5 years ago said:
    Merry Christmas everyone - just stopping in to say hello, hopefully will be back later in the week. Just made Chicken Soup With Ancient Grains for supper and ready to sleep now.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Merry Christmas is 12:55. No presents no is snoozing. I'm having a scotch (J$B) on the rocks with a twist. Lights are on the tree, the Mollycita at my feet, the Chew on TV. My eyes are watering from sleep deprivation and my lone cocktail will be it.

    Hello Arthur!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Michelle, we've missed you and the same wishes...hugs!
    Laurie, giggle on the brine/and poultry concerns....funny how hubbies throw that curve ball once in awhile.

    I did put together an overnight French toast with eggnog rum custard. The bread is stuffed with cream cheese and blackberry jam in a buttered pan, I'll top it with the custard in the am and bake with a tray of bacon., Never did find my jar of purchased corn relish for the Rollande and Pierre retro appy tray for tomorrow.....I now want corn relish with a passion., The chicken liver spread and the garlic cheese tastes just like it did 40 years ago when I learned the recipes. Dang, I'm getting old!
    Will whip up the whipped horseradish sauce will separate if done too soon. The lemon bars will be fresh baked manana. Caprese is best assembled last as well.....I did give myself too much to do once again.

    We are going to skip the movie tomorrow and go Wednesday night instead. And we are going to have those lemon caper scallops for our special dinner......I might just treat us to another seafood treat depending on what is good at the market. Marie, you might be influencing me a bit to go the lobster has been years since I ate lobster,.

    Charlie is snoring so loudly I can hear him a room away. Do dogs have sleep apnea? Yes, I'm too tired to think clearly.

    I realized tonight that there are many many lonely people in the world and a good number of them will call with minor issues just to hear a friendly voice on a night when you are supposed to be home with family and friends, I began to feel very sorry for those who needed a 35 minute discussion on how interest is accrued on their credit card and why their minimum payment has changed. Lonely people grasping for human contact. It was a tough night.

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