Finally Sunny Saturday

  • sparow64 5 years ago
    And we have SUNSHINE!!!!!! WOooohooo!!!! I have my sunglasses out for the first time in WEEKS!!!!! Yes, I want snow, but, I am so over rain that I am ecstatic about the sunshine! :)

    So what does everyone have going on today??

    I think I have mentioned Christy Jordan's Southern Plate, a blog that I follow on FB. I love her posts, she is funny, down to earth and has a warmth and kindness I really admire. Her posts are sometimes funny, and sometimes inspirational. (Personally, I think most of her recipes need a little help, and doctoring up, but, most people must not because she is a home cook who has become hugely successful! :) ) ANYWAY...this was her inspirational morning post the other day, and I thought I would share:

    "We want. That sentence sums up a lot for us - we want. Bigger and better, more advanced, prettier, more fashionable, faster, more comfortable, more matter what it is or what it entails, we are always wanting and working to get it.

    But look what we have!! Trees taller than buildings, houses that are warm and cozy, food to fill up plates and have seconds to spare. We have green grass in summer and crystals of ice in winter. We have daffodils and puppies and frogs and kittens who curl up in our laps and purr with contentment.
    We have sunsets that paint the sky bright orange and purple and pink. We have oceans to swim in and creeks to wade through. We have the sound of birds singing and laughter - We have laughter!
    We have hearts that beat and leap in our chest at seeing loved ones once more. We have smells of pine trees and honeysuckle.
    We have barefoot in grass and echoing canyons to shout hello to and eyes that crinkle at the edges from lifetimes of smiling.
    We have friendship and joy and family.
    Maybe its time to stop living for the "stuff" long enough to realize that we've been given so much more.

    Instead of "we want" - "we have"!

    Life is good and if you let it, it gets even BETTER. "

    Supper today is gonna be some good ol' home cookin'. Salmon patties, pinto beans fried potatoes with onion, and some Southern Cornbread From Mtns Of East Tn

    Groceries and finishing the housework first. Someone super-glued my behind to my computer chair last night and I spent lots of time on youtube! lol

    Pictures are of Bald River Falls and Tellico River after all the rain. (We are already several inches ahead for the year!)
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Well shoot! The one of the Falls didn't post! I will put it in my avatar.
    OH, and here's a song for the day.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said: that blog post Lori. Made me tear up! :) I HAVE!!!!! :) Love it truly. Love your dinner. I'm a big fan of salmon patties. Wow on the River. That's a rushing one for sure! A little scary even! The Falls pic is gorgeous.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    I am a happy little camper this morning. There is fresh snow falling (and has been all night) so it looks gorgeous outside. Need to take a run into town after breakfast and get some groceries but then I get to come home AND WATCH THE HOCKEY GAME!!!!! WHOOP-WHOOP! Gonna make
    Roast Chicken With Balsamic Gravy
    for dinner. Not sure of sides yet. Throw in a fire and a bottle of wine and my day is complete! :)
    So glad to see you on last night Michelle and big hugs going out to you and your family. Your Mom is a very pretty lady. :) That's awful that she cracked some vertebrae. That sounds very painful. And oh no on Roxann as well. Poor thing. Pretty cool that they can do so much now and so wonderful you could save her. Wishing you a big turn of events. Don't sweat the small stuff. House cleaning will wait. Although I know sometimes it causes us stress cuz things just aren't 'right'. Anyway...know we're all thinking of you and rooting for you. is Liv this morning? Big hugs to you guys too.
    Have a wonderful day everyone!
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Lori, Love the post, thanks for sharing her blog entry. I've seen her as a judge on the Game Show Network, Beat the Chefs. She is a nice woman. The show is pretty fun too.

    Loving the pics of the Falls and the river. I'm sure after 9 straight days of rain, they would be over their banks and rushing. What is the saying, you have to have some rain to see the rainbows, right?

    Loving your dinner plans. i was pondering when I could make the salmon, found two cans in the week, it would be easy for Fred to eat,.

    Janet, I knew you would be with the shortened start of the hockey season. Some hockey is better than no hockey. That chicken sounds delicious. I love balsamic in anything,

    Making a big bowl of fruit salad. Taking a pot roast sandwich to work, leaving Fred the last of the soft pierogi casserole. He still has ziti as well.

    Liv is so much better today. Friday night's ER visit was long enough and scary, but they checked out her lungs via cat scan with contrast and no blood clot,. She had a bad (very bad) allergic reaction to the steroid shot. It was an intramuscular shot and it took almost 18 hours to cause a reaction. Her cheeks and face were so red they were nearly purple. The hives spread down her chest, trunk and legs. She was burning up, had trouble breathing, a heavy chest and puffy tongue. They gave her IV fluids, two doses of IV benadryl in the 8 hours.we were there. She was very wobbly walking. Fred drove her car home once I got to the ER. He was in so much pain and still is today. She is resting now and has to go to work later today.

    We have warmed back up to the mid-seventies. Still nice in the mid-fifties at night, don't need my quilt anymore.

    Have a grand day, dear ones.
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    WOOHOOO on Hockey starting back up, Janet! I know you are super excited! Glad you reminded me of that chicken!! I love balsamic anything, too!

    Tina, I am so glad Liv is blood clots! Bless their hearts, and yours too! I have heard her mention that show on her blog, and I keep forgetting to watch. I need to find it and check it out. Have a good day at work.

    Off to get cleaned up and head to the stores. Maybe I will wash my car since it's so nice out...sun and in the 50's!

    And gotta stir up some of My Dads Slaw
    to go with the beans and salmon. How could I forget the slaw? lol
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Yum on that Pot roast sandwich Tina! And the fruit salad. Such a scare for you guys last night and what a reaction Liv had to the steroid shot. Has she had anything like that before? Thank Heavens she's resting. Cannot, however, believe she has to go to work later. Surely, she could call in. She was just in ER last night!!!!! Have a good shift . Hugs.
    I feel a childish glee at the thought of the Hockey Game. :) I know it sounds silly but it's true. Just finished a yummy breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs and toast and am about to brave the roads. Jim offered to come with me but I think I'll be fine.
    Wash your car Lori! LOL. Seems so funny. If we did that right now outside it'd become a block of ice. :) And you certainly should not forget the Slaw. Never. :)
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Lori, What a lovely intro to the day, how true! The water pics are absolutely awesome and enjoy your sunny day and I love salmon patties too!

    Michelle, What a terrible time you have had this month is right! Sending good thoughts to you, your Mom and your family as well as poor Roxann. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon!

    Janet, DOUBLE YEAH ON HOCKEY!!! What could be finer than a bottle of wine a fire Balsamic Chicken and HOCKEY TODAY!!!!

    Tina, Good grief you had an awful time of it too! Hoping Liv and Fred feel much better as the day goes on after having a rest. Does Liv absolutely have to go to work today? Personally I think it might be too soon for her!!! Hoping you have an easy smooth shift today also!

    I am having steamed mussels in a garlic wine sauce with crusty bread and lamb chops with all the fixing for dinner. I should fix some snacks to have while we are watching the hockey game later on this afternoon:)

    Sending swift healing wishes to all those unwell and hoping everyone has a good day!!!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    I missed the 'Song for the Day' earlier. Good choice Lori. Love that song!
    Well....I'm back safe and sound. The roads were pretty nasty. Passed one car that had just gone into the ditch. The stores were not their usual 'Saturday busy' either. You can tell people were staying home if they didn't HAVE to go in.
    Ooooooo on your steamed mussels Joce! I've only had lamb a couple of times. Not that familiar with it.
    Bought some nice cold cuts and fresh rolls to make up sandwiches for lunch. Jim has just gone out for a snowshoe.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Just checking in..been busy this morning;) Hope everyone is well & happy:)

    Chicken Tostadas for dinner.......
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hi Marie! Chicken Tostadas sound yummy.
  • DetroitTokyo 5 years ago said:
    Hi all! Busy around the house all day. Chicken something for dinner. Want to eat then unwind. Back at it tomorrow. Janet, Kris didn't get the memo re: weekend projects that don't sound fun.. ;)
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hey Dahlia. Good to see you pop in. Hurray for unwinding. :)
    My chicken smells amazing! Almost time to pull it out. My team won the Hockey game this aft 4-1. Was just too much fun. Was going to watch a movie but now Jim wants to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs lose. LOL.
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    LOL Kris being a slave driver today? What's up with that? :)

    Janet, I can hear you cheering the Sens on from here. Does sound like a great day you had planned. I'm still jealous of the snow.

    Joce, you dinner sounds fabulous. I've never had mussels, but, I love seafood. I'm sure I'd love them prepared that way. I mean, what ISN'T good in garlic wine sauce? Right? lol

    Hi Marie!

    Well...I didn't get the car washed. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. Took all day to go to the store. (Since I went to 3 of them, none in Sweetwater). But, I got home in time to get dinner before he went to work. Then Hil sat with me a while, now I have a date with my pjs, blankie, and couch.

    Posted the salmon patties, even though they might be similar to what you all make. It's a fave from childhood, and in my own way a little tribute to Mom. :)

    Moms Salmon Patties
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    SP Janet! GO SENS!
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Yeah !! Sens win and so do the Bolts!
    Liv had to work a private party for a couple celebrating their 60th Anniversary. It was a home catered affair. The daughter always hires Olivia to serve and clean for her parties. She dressed up in one of her new dresses and looked very classy for the event. She wouldn't cancel on Ceilia unless she was dying. she was originally scheduled to do prep yesterday and felt bad about not showing. Just talked to her. She is done for the night and on her way home. She is beat. She made enough in 11 hours as she would in two weeks of food running,

    I want salmon patties! Love mussels too.

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