• chuckieb 5 years ago
    Good Morning Everyone! Just wanted to pop on and say "Happy Canadian Thanksgiving" and have a Great weekend.
    I just have to grab the items from the fridge and freezer, have a shower, feed the masses and we're out of here.
    Again Tina, I am just so happy for you that you landed this new job. Jim says to say "Congratulations" to you as well. :) Being committed to the initial hours for the first six months is nothing and it'll allow you to see how it works with your schedule and what you'd like to change. I'm crossing my fingers you get a week off before starting your new position. :) You so deserve it! Big,big hugs!
    To everyone else....have a wonderful weekend.

    "Good Friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they're always there"
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    CONGRATS TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so happy for you!!!!
    I am not working today. I have a very light schedule for the month of October from Parlux, I usually work about 15-20 hours a week, This month I have 20 hours for the whole month! but I also have 15 hours from Nicole Richie and then WW hours so it will be fine.
    Its so weird when you have a day off you think of 100 things you could do!!!
    I need to go to the grocery store, I have an idea in my head for some chicken sausage and cheese tortilini soup. I want something green in it and I was thinking spinach or escrole but now I am thinking I might bite the bullet and try Kale if I can find it.
    My neighbor won the Kmart Halloween from so I am going to stop by there tonight but Becca has soccer practice (postponed from yesterday) and then she has a sleepover so I have driving to do right smack during the party!
    Frank is working this whole weekend .....he has alot going on at work and is way understaffed and everyone(I think) takes advantage of him because he is a nice guy!
    so send some positive vibes his way that what needs to be done this weekend goes smoothly :)
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    WHOOP WHOOP TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So very happy for you. Sounds perfect. And I love that you get to be the first one to give the thumb-to-nose buh bye now to Broder Bros! : ) Love it. I can't wait for you to get started!!! (well...after a week OH...and I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you give notice! : )
    Saw your nails on fb and they are just too cute!!!

    A song for Tina (and the rest of us)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Janet!! Hope the dr appt for Benj goes well. Love the quote, and the turkey picture!!

    Hey Laurie! I remember those busy taxi service days. Before you know it she will be driving herself and her little sister around for you!! Your soup idea sounds pretty darn good...eager to hear how it goes.

    Ended up not cooking anything last night...Bryan, being the MAN that he is, worked outside ALL day...with NO FOOD. Mowed, trimmed, pull weeds, pulled up 4 huge tomato vines, took down fencing where Daisy's part of the yard was, etc. WITH NO FOOD. And he's diabetic. Needless to say, he was not well when I got home. Oh wait...I'm sorry...he ate a bowl of cereal with banana in it around 7 am. *rolls eyes* I got on to him pretty good. He's bad about that. Gets obsessed with what he's doing and forgets to eat or anything else. Anyway, said all that to say that I'm checking out chicken recipes...not sure if I will do what I'd originally thought about. The green tomatoes are still "too green" to fry.

    Make it a good one!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:

    Tina, CONGRATULATIONS!!!YAHOO!!! I AM OVER THE MOON HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Actually I think you will find those shifts are perfect for you. Bigger YEAH! Making more MOOLA and immediate benefits!!! You will love a four day week once you get used to it. BRAVO!!!

    Janet, Have just an excellent weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to you Jim and Ben.:)

    Laurie, LOL Just when you say you won't have as many hours they will come tumbling at you.:) Good luck to Frank this weekend it sounds like he needs it.

    Lori, Super song you picked for Tina! Gee I didn't know Bryan was a diabetic! Maybe he needs an alarm timer to remind him to eat something!!! MEN!!! Thanks for the reminder we are supposed to get a deep frost tomorrow night. So I will be bringing in the rest of the tomatoes and taking down the vines and my crazy nylons which are holding them up.

    Den starts his two week vacation tonight. He will have rib eye steaks and oven fries for dinner. I am not sure what I will have yet tossing around shrimp or scallops at the moment but that could change in an instant.

    Hey! Hey! Everyone have a great day!
  • mbelisle 5 years ago said:
    Good morning and Happy Friday. I am just getting ready to go to Weyburn for my class which runs tonight and all day tomorrow. Trying to decide what to leave for food for the family while I am away. Tomorrow we are invited out for a Thanksgiving Dinner and again on Monday so it will be a busy weekend but not for me cooking.
    I hear you on the yard work and the not eating properly, Jason has the same habit when he gets into something and it totally messes up his sugar levels. What I find strange is that he doesn't recognize it when he is getting to that stage and do something about it.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    not making soup tonight. one, I am going to be driving around for the next two hours bringing and dropping, rachel has a field hockey game at 4pm, becca has a soccer practice at 6pm and a sleepover at 7pm that she needs to ccome home and shower for. and two, its almost 80 degrees out today!!!! after its been cold and damp for days lol
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Holy Trapezoid Batman! Where is everyone hiding today?

    Lucky you Michelle! Not having to cook Thanksgiving dinners and being invited out instead. A good thing b/c it sounds like you are going to be be most of the weekend!

    LOL Laurie, 80F! Sounds like good weather for the “Shuttle Queen”.:) Good luck to Rachel at field hockey and soccer I bet she sleeps well at night!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    It is International Apple Betty Day!
    Baked Apple Bettie
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Hello all. Been out and about today. Stopped by Windermere Farmer's Market to pick up some blood orange tea then took the long way home just for the fun of seeing the country side. Got a cut and color then treated myself to lunch at the Cricketers Pub.

    Now it is time for a cup of tea and to look for shrimp recipes.
  • DetroitTokyo 5 years ago said:
    Good evening everyone!

    Congratulations, Tina!!! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend Janet, Joce, and Michelle!

    I'm going back to Milwaukee to spend a couple more days with my family. I'm leaving Sunday morning and will be back Wednesday night. I'll try to stop back in to chat before I leave. If not, have a great next few days everyone!!
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Hope everyone is well!
    Tina, I am so happy for you!!! Way to go!!
    I'm sorry, not able to catch up with everyone at this time, just wanted to check in and say HI:)
    Dinner will be chicken with egg noodles & maybe a salad...
    I'll check back in a bit!
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Cajun Shrimp Was this evening's winner. Mr. came home grumpy but he is much happier now.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    I got my fingerprints done, did my drug test, got my photo id! First day of work is casual day, jeans okay. Thanks for all the good wishes. I sold myself short for so long, I can't tell you how happy I am. Walking around campus today, there were smiles, greetings and happy faces. No stress at all. The HR Alice had a huge button on her blouse that said "Inclusion" Their philosophy is evident in their facial expressions.

    Computer has been iffy all afternoon. I've been on the phone with Bright House, six times. Ugh.
    Dinner was the last of the turkey chili, with cornbread. Fred slept 17 hours today. He refuses to acknowledge his depression.
    Laura, I went and bought a Magic Jack and I don't know what I did wrong, but it changed our phone number and I could see the phone ring on the TV, but I couldn't answer it. So I reversed the process and have BH back as phone service. I must have missed a crucial step on keeping the same phone number. I feel a bit dumb I have to keep the same phone number, it is the only one Fred can remember. I'll have to reinvestigate my efforts.

    Double yum on cajun shrimp. I love shrimp! Nice on cut and color. I need to do the same.

    Hi Marie....missed you dear heart.
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, Janet, Joce and Michelle!! Enjoy your family time.
    Have fun Dahlia. How are you feeling these days?
    Hugs to you Lori....thanks for all the good advice. love the song... you are a hoot....scary on Bryan and no food. You should lay down the law.
    Laurie, glad you have some family time.albeit busy as a one armed paper hanger on a windy day. sure wish I would score a homeparty!
    I have entered for Mrs, Prindables, Sabra Hummus, Avocado Board, and one other I can't remember.

    Have a good evening, folks. I'm going to find a ballgame and chill.

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