Brain Fog Tuesday

  • notyourmomma 5 years ago
    I sure hope it is Tuesday. I'm so discombobulated.
    i can't remember anything I read in yesterday's thread.......
    Making Cornish Game Hens ala duex for our dinner. Rubbing them down with lemon pepper and oil before roasting,
    A huge salad with La Feria's olive dressing and pumpernickel croutons.
    Green beans with shallots.
    Stewed tomatoes.

    Lunch is out "somewhere" Fred has a neurological appointment this a.m, and then we are taking our "weekend" outing. I'd like to go back to Munch's, but he has vetoed that suggestion.

    Liv had her Christmas party from work last night and she spent the night at Hojo's on the beach. I've not seen her since Friday.

    Janet, I did tear up about the baby's first Christmas have a tough few months facing you. It is hard to let them spread their wings.....hugs.

    Laura, Marie, Joce, Loir, Laurie, Michelle, Donna, Dahlia (safe traveling).....hugs to all.
    I'm off to the shower to get to Fred's appointment on time. ugh...I sure could use more sleep.
  • DetroitTokyo 5 years ago said:
    Good morning from Miami! Its only partly sunny but hopefully will clear up some so my sister and I can go to the beach this afternoon. Watched the sunrise from my sister's window, lovely. Also plan to stop at Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for dinner (undecided as to what that might be) and other misc items.

    Tina, hope you get some good rest over your off days!

    Have a great day!
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Tina, Once you come to I hope you have an incredibly good day. You deserve it!

    Dahlia, Enjoy the sun and have some fun!

    I have been up since I don't know when? Going to make those banana chocolate chip muffins today and doing a boneless sirloin pork roast in the crock pot. I am not sure if I will do it with balsamic vinegar, mustard and maple syrup yet or try something different for a change and the same with the sides a different potato dish would be welcome too.
    I have to go out this afternoon I have some banking and shopping to do. Before all that I have to make a few appointments for Dennis so when he is off at Christmas he can get a few things done.

    Hey everyone have a great day!
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning Gang!!

    Ahh, Tina...bless your heart. It's tough to get acclimated to that shift. Hope Fred has a good appt with the Neurologist. Enjoy your days off. Dinner sounds fantastic, as always. I made cornish hens once...but...I bought the wrong thing. There was no more meat on them than there would have been on a small chicken breast. Bryan was not impressed. lol It's been long enough now that he probably doesn't remember....I can try it again. ; ) Maybe Liv will make it home to spend some of your off time with you. If only they knew what we know, right? : )

    Hi in Miami, Dahlia! Enjoy your visit with your sister.

    Hi Joce! I will take one of those muffins, please! That's something that I would probably inhale the entire batch!! Sounds so yummy. Pork roast and fixins sounds pretty yummy too. Maybe you will get a chace to take a nap today! (You too, Tina). Enjoy your shopping.

    Kraut n weinees, pinto beans, fried potatoes with onion, and corn muffins for us tonight.

    OH, Janet, no more craziness from the boyfriend. He passed her in town over the weekend and called her to say they had to talk. She let him follow her to the house, but, she stayed in her car and didn't let him get close! He keeps swearing he has changed and finally seen the light (she thinks he may have finally seen the light, because he listed things he knew he did wrong, which he's never done before), and she told him she was happy for him, but it didn't change anything. He says he will get "help" (which he desperately needs), and she said that's fantastic, you need to. But you have to leave me alone. It's over. She feels bad for him, she can tell how hurt he is. She also said she is afraid FOR him, not OF him. She can tell something has changed in his voice, the look in his eyes, etc. She is pretty close to his parents, and is going to try to convince his mom that he really needs to see someone now. I think he's chemcially unblanaced and needs some kind of med, for sure. Soooo glad she is standing her ground finally.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    Lori, Before I forget I think I just pinned Bryan's cookie jar on my board called"Cool Old Things I Lovef". Let me know if it the same one. Gee Hil is a very kind one to try and help him and hopefully he will get some help now. Your dinner sounds interesting. I have never had kraut and weinnees. I really should give that a try.

    Tina, I neglected to say your dinner plans sound yummy too!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Good Morning Everyone!
    I was thinking you had one more shift to go before more time off Tina. I'm even discombobulated over your schedule and I'm not even doing it! :) Your dinner sounds amazing. I love Game Hens. I have all the ingredients to make the La Feria sauce in my fridge. It's on my menu for this week. :) Pumpernickel croutons are a grand idea too and I actually have some pumpernickel. Hhmmmmm.....
    Hope Fred's appointment goes well. Thanks for the hugs. I appreciate it. :)
    Hi Dahlia! Glad you got there and all is well. Sounds lovely. Your sister will be tickled she has a chef in the house! :)
    Yum on the muffins Joce. Have fun doing your errands.
    Your dinner sounds yummy Lori. Kraut and weinees. Nom,nom,nom. So glad Hil is doing okay. Her boyfriend does sound like he needs some help. Bless her for wanting to help his parents with that.
    Am going to make
    Chicken Parmigiano
    for dinner and just some store bought manicotti and sauce for Benjamin
    Seriously thinking I should do up a side salad with the
    La Feria American Legion Secret Sauce
    and pumpernickel croutons.
    It's my Mom's 77th Birthday today. About to give her a call.
    Heard from Kimmer. She says to say "Hi" to everyone and that she misses everybody. She's dealing with some health and family issues but is putting it on her New Year's resolution list to visit us in ODD more often. Sending big hugs and positive thoughts her way. MUAH Kimmer!
    Have a great day everyone!
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Yep, that's it, Joce! : ) I grew up on kraut n weinees! It's a southern staple. I substituted kielbasa one time...and I loved it, but, Bryan didn't. He wanted weinees. lol

    Hey Janet!! Chicken parm sounds very good. I'm craving something Italian lately. I have wanted to try that salad for 5 years (just had my 5 year GR anniversary in Oct). Glad you and Tina mentioned it again...I need to do that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET'S MOM!!!!!!! Glad you heard from Kimmer, thanks for letting us know.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Tina's thread title for today is quite apt as it is foggy here. Benjamin says it looks depressing but I told him there can sometimes be monsters or magical things in the fog. :)
    BELATED HAPPY GR ANNIVERSARY LORI! That's fun! I crave the Le Feria sauce whenever Tina mentions it so made a point of grabbing the ingredients last week. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my Mom. :) I posted a pic of her on my Facebook page taken when she would have been in her early '20's. I told her she's getting lots of 'hits' and she's disappointed that I'm getting all the birthday accolades for her and she's not able to see them. LOLOLOL. I promised her I'd print the pic and the comments out and mail them for her to see. Silly Mom.
    My job today is to go cut tree boughs outside and make them into Christmas swags to decorate the outside of the house with, put up some Christmas lights in the shrubbery and decorate my outdoor urn and half oak barrel. Better get moving. (Unless there are some magical fairies in the fog that would do that for me?)
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    I like your job today Janet. I think I can even smell the pine from here.
    I am avoiding Santa's Workshop today. I am currently talking myself into a Costco Run.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    It's National Cookie Day.....gorgeous day, beautiful outside.
    No Bake cookies that sound good. Tumbleweeds

    And since I'm a sucker for ginger, how do these sound?

    visit for Janet Keeler's latest best cookie recipes

    Ordered sandwiches from the Toasted Monkey, St Pete Beach
    Meatloaf Melt, meatloaf, grilled onions, American and Provolone cheese on grilled rye bread for me, side of slaw
    Stacked roast beef slathered in mayo on rye with cole slaw and french fries. Rode down the beach with the top down.

    Dahlia, you should have clearer days ahead....loving the temps. Have a grand time. Food and Wine sent a delectable brisket recipe from Alex Guaranaschelli in my inbox. It looked yummilicious.

    Dr Didio is not happy with Fred's dilantin level and he is going to tinker with the dosage. My scripts are ordered, and I can get them tomorrow,

    Janet, Happy Decorating! I want a oak barrel to decorate, I saw a "burning bush" with twigs and a barrel....I think it was Better Homes and Garden. It looked so pretty. Dinner sounds oh so good.

    Yep, I get a craving for the La Feria's Secret Sauce too. I like making chunky pumpernickel croutons with a bit of olive oil, seasoned salt and grated parm. i just bake them til toasty and then store in a air tight jar. They match the olive flavor well.

    LOL on the itty bitty Game hens, Lori. I love kraut and weinies....and kraut and kielbasa. I wonder if Bryan would like the pierogi lasagna, Fred and Olivia are fans. Fred is still wanting another spaghetti bake. Maybe tomorrow, Super news on Hil and the BF. She is a nice young woman and she has her wits about her. Good for her.

    Joce, that pork roast sounds very good. I'm pulling a Boston Butt Roast out of the freeze to cook on Thursday. I'm doing a braise from an old issue of Bon cider, onions, garlic and my favorite GINGER BEER!!!! You cook the braising liquid down to a glaze after the pork is cooked. I'm going search for some different sides...although Paulines sauerkraut stuffing is awesome with a pork roast. I use the "filling" without the chicken in this recipe,Chicken With Sauerkraut Fillingslow Cooker

    I hope we hear from Michelle soon. Glad Kimmer is planning on coming back.
    Laurie, glad you had such huge sales. Good for you.
    Laura, I love the house decorating and nice of you.
    Marie, how are you faring with the blustery weather? I heard of a car being crushed by a falling tree. Scary stuff.
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Janet, I like your job today, too! LOL at your mom wanting to see all the bday wishes. That's too cute. My mom freaks out if she thinks I have mentioned her name on fb. : )

    Can I give you my list, Laura? Please???? Yes, I keep meaning to tell you how much I loved the decorating party. That was a most excellent idea.

    TIna, your lunch sounds absolutely fabulous, girlfriend. Glad your meds are ordered. Hope the tinkering with Fred's dilantin goes well. I gotta say...I had to look twice, no...three times at the doctor's name. (So, yeah, my inner teenage boy was comming thru...or...girl, I guess...). Snicker snicker. Thank you for the compliments on Hil, everyone. I'm holding my breath...she really seems to be done. Said she just doesn't have feelings for him anymore, and she told him she didn't love him. Wow. Back and forth for 6 years, since she was 14. How is Liv doing? Is she seeing Scotty?

    Car being crushed by a tree...scary stuff.

    So, I am working out my part of the finger foods menu. Bryan won't let me do more than 3 things. *rolling eyes* I wish he'd grown up seeing the spreads my Mom put on. And part of the fun of a party...who cares if there is too much food? Who wants to have a party with not enough food? lol ANNNNNYway...

    A buffalo chicken dip (perusing for best recipe...)...and I will also put out some salsa, but, I am not going to consider it one of my 3. ha ha ha

    Stuffed Mushrooms, and I am going to do 2 flavors, and consider it only 1 item. (har har dee har har, Bryan Nelson) - one is going to be a pizza stuffed mushroom, and I'm still deciding the other...either bacon/cheese or spinach/cheese...or maybe something else, but, they will be cheesy

    Tortilla Roll Up Pinwheels, still looking, but, I will have 2 options. (take THAT, scrooge mc3foods-for-a-party)

    ALSO...I saw a "Christmas Tree" that I am NOT considering a food item, cause it's decorative, right???? You get a styrofoam cone; and stick rosemary in it. You cut cheese (cheddar, not "cut the cheese") with a small star shaped cookie cutter. Using toothpicks, stick the cheese, some green pimento stuffed olives and black olives into the rosemary tree as ornaments. I'm wondering if I could add some kielbasa or other type of sausage, silced in small rounds? But, then could probably place that tree on a board of more cheese, crackers, and sliced sausage...and you really wouldn't have to count that as one of your three items, would you? Afterall, you can't just plop that tree down on the table, and you need "presents" under the tree, don't you? They all just so happen to be edible...right?
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Oh, and dessert / sweet nibbles sitting around should never, ever, be considered one of your 3. I think that's actually a law.
  • Good4U 5 years ago said:
    I ended up doing what Janet is doing b/c it is just a beautiful day and I figured I would get it all up and done without having to put my gloves on. Pine cones, boughs and red twigs are all in the planters with a few glittery things here and there and the wreath is on the door and sleigh bells are up hanging from the outside lights or lamps and it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The muffins are made and I have had a couple but I hid the rest in a tin so I won't be tempted. I have decided not to go out today and go tomorrow. Appointments for Den are made so I should be in his good books tonight.

    Janet, A very Happy Birthday to your Mom and I hope the sun came out there too!

    Tina, Mmmm both the sandwiches sound delightful but I would have preferred Fred's at the moment. How nice to be able to drive down to the beach with the top down I love driving in a convertible with the top down. That Boston Butt braising recipe sounds delicious. I wonder if I can find it on The Bon Apetitt site?

    LOL You are killing me Lori.:-) I didn't notice the name of Fred's doctor until you brought it to my attention.:-) I probably wouldn't go to him b/c I would make a mistake!
    Your party plans sound like its coming along.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Come on over and cut some boughs for yourself too everyone :)
    My hands do smell like pine, and spruce and cedar Laura! :) When I first went out I disturbed a Doe who was sleeping on the forest floor. I just talked to her and continued my business and she actually walked over towards me to get a better look at what I was up to! :) Too funny! Have a good Costco run. Jim went last night for us thankfully. He picked up his new glasses there as well. They had way better prices than our optometrist!
    That first cookie recipe looks delightful Tina. What's a potato stick though? I don't know that we have anything like that. Yum on the pumpkin gingersnaps. A good combo! Your sandwiches and drive down the beach sounded heavenly! Hurray on being able to pick up your prescriptions tomorrow! Thank you for the crouton tips. I'll use them! :)
    LOL Lori about your Mom freaking out about FB. That's cute. I was just about to say to 'think outside the three finger food box rule" and see that you and I are totally on the same page. Good for you! That edible Christmas tree sounds ADORABLE! And it is a decoration, not a finger food item per se. :) LOL. You're great.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    SP Joce! I made up 5 Swags and then decorated three barrels, my urn and a long planter and then put lights on one big shrub. Then I came in for lunch as I was STARVING! I should go back out and finish that stick tree that I started but I don't feel like it. :) You guys make me laugh when you say things like hiding the muffins in a tin will dissuade you from eating more. I know where the tin is, I put the muffins there and I will get them. :) LOLOLOL! Oh dear....
    Thanks for the birthday wishes for my Mom. :) Usually my Aunts and some of the neighbours go over to her place with cake and celebrate but this year and last the Legion has held a luncheon and so everyone has gone to that (including her) and then postponed Mom's celebration to the following week. Her nose is a little out of joint. LOL.
  • NPMarie 5 years ago said:
    Hi everyone:)

    We didn't get home until 6:30 or 7:00 last night, Rick had to stop in at a job he will be doing on the way...then unload the truck..needless to say, it made for a very long day...

    I'm busy doing EOM stuff, and sneaking in to watch Downton Abbey every chance I can:D

    It's raining again...........sigh

    Janet, you know I love your dinner!!! A very Happy Birthday to Mom!

    Tina, the weather has been horrible..the only problem we have had is 10 ft of a cedar broke off and landed in the street...So far, well as of yesterday we've received 14 or so inches of rain...hope you get some good rest tonight!

    Lori, I really love kraut & weenies, fried potatoes as well,,food I grew up on!!! happy GR Anniversary!

    Hi Dahlia!

    Hi Joce! Are u going to post your muffins? they sound heavenly:)

    Hi Laura:)

    Dinner will be Pat's Beer Soaked Chops I decided to do pork chops and chicken breasts (in separate baking pans of course..otherwise, yuk!) I thought it looked so good in Frankieanne's IMI post..easy too.

    Back to work:)
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    Lofat Penne With Spicy Vodka Cream Sauce is whats for dinner.
    I am so far behind in sales at Macy's there is no catching up. Last year I had myself and another two people and this year its just me with less hours. Compared to last year I am down about $8000 and its only going to get worse. this week last year we sold $3000 in product a little hard to do with only 14 hours. It is what it is, the people above me all the way up to the top are all new to the company.
    I cannot kick whatever illness is lurking in my body, started out as a burning in my throat last thursday and Friday, Saturday no throat pain but head cold and sinus pressure, same on Sunday then woke up Monday feeling better and like an hour later my throat was burning again and has been ever since (sinus/head cold gone?). I am not dying but geez is it annoying!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    I'M DRENCHED! I sucked it up and went back outside to finish my Stick tree. And it started to pour. I figured if I didn't finish it up today it wouldn't happen. And it probably could use more sticks,'s staying like this for this year! :) So the oak barrel out front is done. I'm back inside to get toasty again.
    Did I say the Cold Climate Heat Pump guys have been here all day long again and are just leaving now? LOL. They assure me all is well and we are back up and running. Excuse me if I'm not overly trusting. :)
    I just bought a small painting. I'm so tickled. My friend's daughter took Art in University and always wanted to become an artist although so far she has only worked in the Banking Field. She decided to do a little open house this past weekend and have some of her work on show for sale and she also posted it on her Facebook page. She's only charging between $25-$75 per piece. Very modern. Mine is the most 'real'. :) Anyway...I'm very tickled. I will put the painting in my Avatar. It's 12" x 16".
    Hi Marie! LOVE Downton Abbey. Can't wait for it to start up again. 14" of rain! That's like a monsoon! :) Yum on the porkchops and chicken. Sounds like a lovely dinner.
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Pumpkin ginger snaps for the win!
    I was good at Costco and dint impulse buy .... much. I did grab an enormous can of almond roca as an early Christmas treat for dad. The rest was pretty much on the list.
    We'll be cleaning out the fridge tonight to make room for a new round of cooking.
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Hi Laurie! SP! Every time you mention that Spicy Vodka Cream sauce I want some! :) Sorry to hear your sales at Macy's are so down. Do you get to give input along the way or at the end of the season? Sorry to hear that bug is still trying to overtake you. Feel better!
    SP you too Laura! Yum on the Almond Roca. I love that stuff. My girlfriend's Mom used to keep it hidden in their freezer when we were just little and we were forever doing a raid! :)
  • laurieg 5 years ago said:
    The coordinator (my immediate boss) just tells me to do the best that I can. She is the one that came and worked with me Saturday for my spur of the moment Mall event. She thinks I walk on water and has been telling the people above how great I am. She also is new as is her position but she knows Macy;s and was the Cosmetics Dept manager for 17 years in another store. While she has been there she has heard from other people that they want to steal me so I am pretty sure she thinks I am valuable. The Dolci girl came right out and told her that she had been trying to steal me and that she is Lucky I am so loyal. I just hope that the higher ups take into consideration what I do sell with what I am given if that makes sense.
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Cheers Laurie on the perfumebeing spritz on you today. So nice to get unexpected feather fluffing.
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Just now getting a chance to check out the cookie links, Tina! Tumbleweeds! Mom used to make Haystacks!! Very similar, but, instead of potato sticks, they had chinese noodles (?) they came in a blue can, and you could snack on them like nuts or chips...made by La Choy (?) Anyone? Anyone at all? lol You could use butterscotch chips or chocolate, and melted them with the noodles and dropped onto waxed paper...hmmm...I need to see if I have that recipe. And a drive on the beach with the top down...OH YEAH BABY!!!

    Joce, count me with Janet...I could never ever hide those muffins from myself! Please post that recipe. I'd love to make them, and I know Bryan will like them too.

    Awww Janet...poor Mom. Well...this way she gets two celebrations! : ) Hope you don't get sick from being drenched!! And I am gonna wave my magic wand so they heat system will be completely and totally fixed now. ALACAZAM!!! ABRACADABRA!!!! YABBADABBADOO!!!!!! done. : ) No more trouble. I will have to check the avatar out closer...that's very cool.

    Good luck, Laurie! Sounds like you have great bosses. I never had a boss in retail that would listen to that logic, no matter how true it is. You were expected to meet or beat last year, period. End of story. No excuses. Everywhere I worked. *rolling eyes* It's just not always possible. That's very good. And nice that they are giving you some credit, too. Very very good!! Hope you feel better soon.
  • sparow64 5 years ago said:
    Hi Marie! My goodness on your rain!! That's crazy! I'm gonna have to go check out the beer chops. Hmm...very very interesting. Hope that weather lets up...magic wand waving for you, too!
  • chuckieb 5 years ago said:
    Ditto Laurie, what Laura said on the Feather fluffing! :)
    Giggle...LOL...I'm still chuckling over what you said about Fred's Dr.'s name Lori. LOL. I REMEMBER CHINESE NOODLES IN A CAN, I REMEMBER!!!! LOL! I think my Mom used to sprinkle them on top of her chow mein recipe which she made on a rare occasion with canned? bean sprouts? Is my memory serving me right? I'll have to ask her. But I do remember them being used in a cookie type recipe as well. If you do have that recipe do share! :) Thank you for the magic wand waving. I hope your wand capabilities are better than mine, because I did a magic wand wave over your car and look how that turned out? :)
    I just finished booking the three of us in to Benjamin's favourite Vegan Restaurant "The Zen Kitchen" for both New Year's Eve and for Sunday Jazz Brunch on the 30th. We've been wanting to go to the Jazz brunch all year and just never made it, so thought we'd better sneak it in before he left.
    I am beat. Called Jim and ask him to bring me home a head of lettuce and a bottle of wine. LOL. I got all his sister's Christmas presents wrapped. She's all by herself in Alaska pretty much so I always do her up a box of little stocking stuffer things so she has lots to open. Then I made the Chicken parmigiana and now I need to go make the salad (sans lettuce at this point) and the Feria sauce. Whew.
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    Took such a long nap after our big sandwiches, we aren't getting any hens tonight, unless we plan on eating at 9;00 p.m. I'm settling for salad and soup..a semblance of a turkey tortilla soup. Using my turkey stock, can of corn, can of texas beans, can of mild rotel, shred of turkey, simmered down with onions, celery and seasoned with cumin. I'll top with sour cream and cheddar. Should suffice. If I rub the hens tonight and let them season for tomorrow. Whoopsies on me for sleeping. I guess I needed it.

    LOL LOL on Dr. Didio. You pronounce it Did-E-oh. He is a super nice doc. He is Fred's biggest cheerleader. He does not use our insurance anymore. I'll pay the money so that Fred can keep seeing him, I trust him so much.

    Lori....I love your "out of the box" way to circumvent the three only rule. I agree decorations don't count. I love the plans....puts me in the Christmas mood.

    All of you doing your decorating and swags, goodies in tins, party plans...yep! Cheeriness is a good seasonal side effect.

    I'll look for the Bon Appetit recipe for the Boston Butt Braise....ginger beer!!!!

    Skinny canned fried potato sticks come in a red can, similar principal of the Chinese noodles. I'll make them because of the peanut butter for Fred, but the pumpkin ginger cookies are for me.

    Liv is still seeing Scotty despite his lying eyes. I wish she would understand that you don't have to have a boyfriend, and a bad one at that, to survive. There can be a good life without a cheating lying control freak immature boy manipulating your life. Oh, I'm glad I have somewhere to vent....she would hate to see how I really would make Scotty look better in her eyes. ugh.

    Well, that soup won't heat itself...I best get to dumping the goodies in the pot. I'm pumping up the salad with a few diced hard cooked eggs, some chopped string cheese and bits of ham. The croutons are yummy enough to eat on their own. I have to hide them in a tin too. LOL

    Hugs to all.
  • otterpond 5 years ago said:
    Question about the appliance called something like "immersion circulator" vs vacuum packs that you can drop in boiling waterr? Isn't the end result the same? Anyone .. anyone never did it but thought I would high jack some shrimp in marinade and give it a go. But before I sacrifice the shrimp I thought I check in .
  • notyourmomma 5 years ago said:
    I don't know how the immersion circulator works...constant even temperature?

    for Joce...
  • kimmer 5 years ago said:
    Sleep Sweet always...........

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