Happy Birthday Tuesday!

  • essentialingredients 4 years ago
    Good Morning! I popped in to see what everyone was up to and I guess I'll start you all off today! :)
    Today is my baby's 11th birthday, thus the title of this thread. He's so big - almost taller than me (I'm hanging on to the last 1/2 inch that I have on him for as long as I can - probably not long)!
    I'll have time for a quick run after work (outside, can you believe it? HA! I know everyone hates the heat, but I LOVE IT!) and a quick shower, then will go spend the evening with the kiddo to celebrate his birthday. So, no cooking for me - there will be leftovers of yesterday's Haystacks with Carnitas & Carrot Rice - which was totally delicious and definitely deserving of a repeat performance! I hope everyone enjoys their day today! If anyone gets to hot, I'd be happy to send over some of the crazy excessive air conditioning that is constantly blasting here at work. One of these days, I'm going to develop frost bite, I swear!
  • otterpond 4 years ago said:
    What a wonderful age. Congratulations to you and your baby.
    Moving slowly this morning but my tea is kicking in. Laundry is spinning and my mind is engaging. Found a recipe for dinner that sounds great to me. Here's hoping Mr. Suchafuss agrees. Ground Beef And Rice

    After a bit I will go visit with Cherie and take her some puzzle books. The wifi doesnt reach to her bedroom. Must keep the noggin active. She is doing really well with her recovery.
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Happy Birthday to your baby Brooke! So good to see you:)

    Laura, I love one pan meals..I have made that one before, it's quite good!
    I'm doing a load of laundry before it gets too hot..it's supposed to be in the triple digits once again starting tomorrow..112F in the valley, we will be a few degrees cooler, but once it hit 100, who cares? It's just flat out HOT! I also went thru our closet to find some items to donate..funny how a lot of the clothes I have been saving throughout the years just don't seem to fit now..LOL Soooooo much fun getting older:)

    Don't have a clue about dinner as of yet:)

    Have a great day everyone!
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Hello! Happy returns Brooke, to your baby. Cute avatar. Bask in the heat. You can have my share.

    Laura, hope Cherie continues well in her recovery. Ground Beef And Ricem sounds like a good recipe to try.

    I'm thinking of another cooling chef salad, I'm drenched. So hot here, no fun mopping the kitchen. I'm tired. Maybe the depression isn't losing it's grip easily this year. Maybe I need to leave the cocoon for some face time with someone.
  • Good4U 4 years ago said:
    Happy Birthday to your baby! Excellent that you started the thread today Brook:) I hope he has a very special day!

    Laura, I am pleased to hear Cher is doing so well with her recovery. I meant to say I was a bit dumbfounded the other day when you said it was an out patient surgery! Who knew? Ground Beef And Rice sounds like a good meal to me for such a hot day!

    Marie, Try and keep cool today.

    Tina, Glad you are enjoying your time alone and that you are getting some well needed rest.

    It is still very hot here as well and I have many errands to do in the next few days too! I think I will try and spread them out to keep out of being in the heat for a long time.
    Dinner will be grilled chicken and a potato salad and other salad sides.

    Try to keep cool and don't melt!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Good Morning Everyone! GOOD MORNING BROOKE! Such a lovely surprise to see you starting the thread! Happy Birthday to your son. And ROFL @ you and your love for heat. Please do send a bit of that air conditioning my way.
    Have a good visit with Cher Laura. I'd die if I was trapped in the bedroom with no internet. :) I'd move my bed. Yep, that's what I'd do. :)
    Oh my goodness at 112F Marie. You just keep those temperatures in California please!
    Good idea to go get a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery Tina. Hugs. Did you hear from Liv and Fred last night or this morning? Based on your description I don't know that I would like Pimm's.
    Good luck with your errand running Joce. You dinner idea sounds yummy.
    I ran out of propane for the BBQ last night. Argh. The Rock Cornish Game Hens had only been on the Rotisserie for a half hour and then I brought them in and finished them off in the oven. They were still yummy.
    But....without a BBQ today that means I'm cooking on the stove. :(
    Decided to try a new recipe
    Pork And Lemon Cutlets
    and maybe a tossed salad on the side.
    Mowed the back lawn right after breakfast and then came in and got cleaned up. Did some watering. Have to make a menu up today as I'm going to do some grocery shopping tomorrow.
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Have some of Tina's
    Quick Beef Stock For Use In Sauces
    simmering on the stove to use in a recipe later this week. Smells soooooo good! Fun to do too! :)
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    I've decided on what Laura's making for dinner:D

    Joce, grilled chicken is a fav here, except we ran out of propane just like Janet !!! We have been using our BBQ so much this past month!

    Janet, I'll bet that pork cutlet recipe would work well using chicken..I need to check it out:) Do let us know what's on your new menu..I need some inspiration..I just don't feel like making anything these days..I love cooking in the fall & winter though..soups, stews, baking..Fall will be here in a little over 2 months!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    On my short list for my upcoming menu Marie:
    -Pulled Pork - Haven't figured out which recipe to use yet.
    Old Fashion Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
    Dill Pickle French Bread White Pizzahttp
    Oven Fried Panko Chickenhttp://
    Mesquite Grilled Chicken In White Barbeque Sauce
    -Holy Yum Chicken - a recipe I saw on Pinterest
    -Steak with Black Pepper sauce
    -Pork Larb Lettuce Wrap
    Mixed Greens With Parmesan Crispshttp://
    Quintessential Quinoa Saladhttp:/
    /Butternut Squash Soup With Caramelized Apples
    Got my salad and the pork patties prepped.
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    I'm throwing some mild Italian sausages in the sauce pan with some cherry peppers and onions. I'll either make a hoagie or cut it up on some ziti. Need to eat a warm meal, cold salads and cold chicken just doesn't fit my mood today.

    Fred and Liv went to see a movie "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp. She said he was having a tough day. He can't redirect easily and had a melt down.

    That pork cutlet recipe looks good to me. Oh I'm happy you have the quick beef stock on tap. It is a great shortcut and way tastier than canned.

    Oh dear on the empty propane tanks....watch I'll be next. I have two sleeping snoring dogs. The rain and thunder has moved through and they have settled down nicely. SOMEONE got into the garbage while I was at the bank and had it strewn across my clean kitchen floor. Both acted guilty and slunk over dragging their bellies to my feet to apologize. WHO ME? looks on their faces. See if they get cookie treats tonight. Too hot to remop but at least I got it picked up and out the door.
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Yum on your sausages Tina! I'd love to see Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger. Did they like it? Sorry to hear Fred had a hard day. I'm very excited about the beef stock. It's in anticipation of the Robert sauce. :) which I may use over Joce's Stuffed Pork Tenderloin.
    This Pork cutlet recipe that I'm making this evening says to serve it with rice which I don't really care for and it also says with gravy. Am I the only one that never has spare gravy lying around? I've never bought canned gravy as it just doesn't look appealing to me. Guess I could mix up some Demi Glace from a pkg. or something. Ugh on the spilled garbage.
  • NPMarie 4 years ago said:
    Tina, I want to see that movie! Love Johnny Depp:) Lol on your propane tank being next! Oh no on the spilled garbage, and on your clean floor!!!!!!
    How is your arm doing? Hope it's better.

    Janet, wow, your menu sounds so good! Thanks so much for sharing:) So, I noticed you use minced pork in that recipe, chicken would work well I think:)
    Demi Glace would be very nice with your meal:)
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
  • laurieg 4 years ago said:
    Hey all. Worked at WW then pool today it was super hot and I have the same plan for tomorrow with the addition of some laundry and grocery shopping
    Tonight we had green beans, steak tips and salad. Frank was convinced that on 4th of July the propane tank was gonna run out. So after a few phone calls we found a place that had them and he ran out to get one. Yup we are still on the old one so I guess there was plenty left lol
    Lots of teenage drama around here. Such a fun age 13 and 15......NOT!
  • notyourmomma 4 years ago said:
    Would a sauce be necessary? I'd probably squeeze some lemon on the cutlet and call it a day.

    Liv said the movie is funny. Bruce and Fred groaned that it messed with the legend of the Lone Ranger. I didn't grow up watching the Lone Ranger, so I don't know if messing with the legend would be upsetting to me. But those two old farts thought it mattered.

    I swiffered the floor again. Didn't want any sticky residue on my floors. They are still slinking around.

    No pain in the arm and I have just a few spots that have to have more care. About the size of a fifty cent piece and a few dime size areas. The spill area is brilliant pink. Angie is going to have fun doing my nails tomorrow. Can she come up with a design to deflect from the arm??
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Mmmmm....your dinner sounded nummy Laurie! I saw in my grocery store ad this week a tri-tip mention so I am going to check it out tomorrow as I've never seen that cut of meat here before and you have me intrigued. Hang in there with the teenage drama. Going through it is hard enough never mind being the mother! :)
    Tina...as always you have the very best suggestions! That's totally what I did based on your recommendation....cut up some lemon wedges. I quite enjoyed the recipe and it made for a really nice light summer meal with a tossed salad on the side. Jim was more 'Meh'. :( I'm not a Lone Ranger expert so will believe anything Johnny Depp says. :) Whoop Whoop on no arm pain. Soooo pleased for you. Indeed Angie can do magic. :)
  • essentialingredients 4 years ago said:
    hey janet, i saw that you were looking for a pulled pork recipe & i thought I'd share on that i recently found & tried & love! It's simple & delish. Pork roast (i think i usually get one that 3.5 - 4 lbs) into the crockpot, pour a 12 oz can or bottle of root beer over it and cook on low 8 or so hours. Remove the meat, drain the liquid oit of the crockpot sleeve and return the meat to the crock. Shred the meat with two forks and pour over a bottle of your favorite bbq sauce (i use sweet baby rays). Let me know if you try it!
  • chuckieb 4 years ago said:
    Brooke, you have no idea how tickled I am to see you on here now like 3 times in the past few days. Whoop! :) I must say that a friend of mine had me do the old pork with root beer thing a few years ago and we didn't care for it. Jim especially. Too sweet. But thank you so much for the recommendation and idea. Hope you had a really lovely time with your son for his birthday. Hugs.
    Night Kimmer. :) Night all.

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