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  • I have cooked enough steaks on the grill using this method to feed an army. Note: I cook with the grill lid closed.
  • Set the steak out to reach room temperature or at least 30 or more minutes before cooking. Let steaks, roasts, any meat set out and reach room temp so the meat will relax and you get a more tender finished product. Meat is a muscle and the cold of the refrigerator makes it tighten up. Cook it cold and it will be tougher.
  • I cut the bone from any steak, this lets the steak cook evenly and produces a perfect steak each time.
  • I season the bone the same as the meat and I get a great tasting bone to gnaw on.
  • If you don't cut the bone off, the meat near the bone cooks at a different rate. The bone prevents the heat from penetrating so the cooking is uneven. I do this with pork chops, cut off the bone, it works.
  • Apply olive oil to both sides.
  • Apply pepper.
  • I am very liberal with the granulated onion, light on the garlic and Lawrys.
  • I cook most of my meats on my grill over an open flame. I let the grill preheat on high about 1 minute, then brush the grill. I don't wipe the grill will oil or anything.
  • After brushing I lay the steak(s) on the grill, close the lid. Begin timing. After 3 minutes turn the steak. After 2.5 minutes remove meat from grill. The steak will be medium rare and look just perfect like the pics.
  • Grilling time will change on thickness of steak and your grills characteristics. I keep forgetting to turn off the digital watch, I go through a lot of watch batteries!
  • If I am cooking a 1 to 1-1/4 inch steak, it will run about 4 to 4 1/2 minutes per side. If the flame is licking up a lot from the grease dripping, flip at every 2 minutes.
  • I have cooked hundreds of steaks using timing.
  • Once you figure out your grill and time per side, they will always turn out perfect. Great color, great flavor from grease dripping and coming back as smoke in the flame.
  • Once the steak is done, I like to cut it up and sprinkle a little regulsar salt on each bite. Just a little and the favor is really enhanced.
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    " It was not good "
    DaleInCO ate it and said...
    I always use plenty of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper to season steaks with before grilling. It's only a myth that salt draws out the juices of meats before grilling. Use the excess fat that was trimmed from the steaks to coat the hot grill grates with. The times given for cooking to desired level of finished steak was close. NEVER cut into a steak after it has just come off the grill. Place the steaks on a platter and very loosely tent the platter with foil and allow the meat to rest for at least 5 minutes. Steak is a muscle and it needs to relax after grilling so that the meat fibers relax and release their juice back into the meat. Cutting into a steak as soon as it comes off the grill will just release all of those juices and you will end up with a less tender and juicy steak.
    I also make garlic butter to pour over the steaks before serving.
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    " It was excellent "
    hunnee ate it and said...
    wow! this looks superb, thanks :D
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    " It was excellent "
    chef_irish ate it and said...
    Great Recipe for A Great Steak!!! Yummy...Like Mine RARE! High 5
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    " It was excellent "
    kitchen_fantasy ate it and said...
    when it come to a steak you are the man, thanks
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  • njspanteach 11 years ago
    Steak-grilling for dummies! Love it!
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  • thegoldminer 11 years ago
    Howdy, because I am cooking directly over the flame, I put the steak on a very hot brushed grill. The entire side of the steak is seared with beautiful grill lines, never more than 2 2.5 minutes a side and jucies flow from every just a touch over rare. Never dry, always perfect. Thanks for your comments, I guess I have a magic grill :-) Hmm, there is nothing, lava rock or plates between the steak and flame so I am not sure about your thoughts on this method, The steaks are flawless and the flame licking up just addes flavor. Its in the timing. My timing and grill is just perfect. JJ
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  • evogrills 11 years ago
    This is a great recipe for an open-flame grilled steak. But I have another suggestion - a flattop grilled steak (a la plancha). Flattop grilling sears the entire surface of the meat, ensuring that the juices and more importantly, the flavor remains sealed in the steak until you make that very first cut.
    Mastering that beautiful crust is no easy feat and
    is very difficult on an open-flame grill, which often dries the meat with indirect hot air from the flames in addition to creating excessive smoke and flare-ups.
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  • thegoldminer 12 years ago
    My pleaseure. Did pork chops last night on the grill, of course. Super flavor, great pics. On the site soon. What is the location of your pic?
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  • kristopher 12 years ago
    Great recipe. Great photos. Thanks JJ.
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  • thegoldminer 12 years ago
    Zena824. I am glad to make this easy for you. Grilling by time makes if fool proof for me. Again, I use a propane grill and cook right over the open flame. High flame seals the meat, chars the outside and gives it incredible flavor. IF it is a boned steak try cutting bone off, the meat cooks perfect. But season and grill the bone. Gnawing at its best JJ.
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    " It was excellent "
    zena824 ate it and said...
    I also struggle in the steak area... Im not a very good steak cooker.....Thanks for this post..
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  • shandy 12 years ago
    WaaaHooo!!! Your the MAN! Awesome pics and Wow! for the directions. You said you were Hmmm, how do I say this...Explicit with your directions. (You had a more direct word for it, but I am leaving that one alone.) Even I could do this...thanks :D
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  • gigilovescats2 12 years ago
    Thank you for sharing this...Never thought about the refrig tighting up the muscle...that was like a duh to me when I read it and now gonna have to cook steaks to try it out. Thanks!
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  • chefmeow 12 years ago
    Thanks for the helpful hints. Steak is one area I struggle in. I'll try this method. Thank you.
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  • dariana 12 years ago
    Marvelous technique. Thanks for sharing and posting all the wonderful photos.
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